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3 Powerful Ways To Become More Grateful

3 powerful ways to become more grateful

Becoming more grateful will change your life. Practicing gratitude increases positive emotions, reduces depression, improves relationships and builds resilience. Everyone has something to be grateful for, and we can always become more grateful. Sometimes it’s easy to be grateful and sometimes it’s more challenging. We go through difficult times and pain has a way of […]

Life vs. Stuff or The Problem of Too Much Stuff

too much stuff

Stuff is weighty. It weighs a lot. It’s one little figurine here, one little knickknack there. Maybe four or five hundred CDs in ten boxes everywhere. The problem with too much stuff is that it costs so much more than the money to buy it. The old proverb claims that “you can’t take it with […]

How Gratitude Boosts Your Power

gratitude boosts your power

Complaining is draining. Gratitude is power. When we focus on gratitude for what we have instead of dwelling on what we lack, we open and awaken our minds. Gratitude boosts your power, just like you had a soul gem. The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet This is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet. […]

How to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

How to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

I’ll ask the obvious question first: Why would you want to do what you don’t want to do? Why even discuss doing what you don’t want to do? The answer is, quite simply, not that simple. If you’re feeling stuck and tired of procrastinating, this is how to do what you don’t want to do. […]

The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

When watching Doctor Strange save the world at the end of his movie, I started thinking, “It sure would be nice to have that time-turner necklace he had.” It worked for Doctor Strange, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter, so surely it would work for me. I could just go back and forth in time and […]