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Jobs Are Temporary, Bodies Are Permanent

jobs are temporary

Is your job a source of major stress? If so, try to remember that it’s temporary. Right now it may seem like everything. You spend 8 to 12 hours on it five to seven days each week. It pays all your bills, it consumes all your time and all your thoughts. It’s the source of […]

Your Happiness Isn’t Management’s Responsibility

corporate happiness

Do you hate your job? I used to. I bounced between thinking management just didn’t give a damn about its employees and thinking they’re doing evil things to us on purpose just to see how much we’ll take. It sometimes seemed like they were trying to make us miserable. I now realize how absurd that […]

Not All Jobs Suck

jobs suck

I know some do. Too many people talk about hating their jobs. I see friends posting on Facebook telling of outrageous absurdities that happen at their jobs. We’ve got movies like Office Space, Fight Club, and American Beauty that portray corporate absurdities and nonsense. Yet we also know people who love their jobs. So obviously […]

How Loosening the Reigns Can Bring Employees Closer

corporations employees

Employers are often perceived as bigger than life, unfeeling monsters. May I remind everyone of one basic fact – employees and employers are one in the same – just people. The great divide between the two, however, can be so vast that it seems impossible to repair. Loosening the Reigns Can Bring Employees Closer.   […]

Busy Work and How to Survive It


Are you busy?  Have you had a busy week? Do you have more to do than you’d like or that you can even handle?  It seems that “I’ve just been so busy” is the new, “I’m doing well, how are you?” after you ask someone how they’re doing. What are we doing? Why are are […]