Independently Happy

I take happiness seriously. So you don't have to.

How Empathy Forms Calluses Instead of Callousness


The Virtuous Circles post got me thinking about calluses. Being an on-and-off guitarist, I know that calluses are a good thing. When I start practicing, my fingers quickly get sore. I can’t play guitar as long. As I develop calluses on my fingers, I can play guitar longer. Then there is the insensitive callous, the […]

A Wealth of Choices


In “We Are All Weird,” Seth Godin stated that wealth is having choices. In the West that means we have more choices of cars to purchase since we can add the more expensive makers as options. We can add the options of Europe and Disney to our vacation decisions. The money itself isn’t what we […]

Focus on Life’s Enormousness, Not Life’s Enormity


Enormity vs. enormousness. These two words sound alike but have completely different meanings. They also an opportunity for an important mindset. Focus on life’s enormousness, not life’s enormity. Isn’t that a Pinable image! I love words that sound similar, especially when they have completely different meanings. They are almost always an excellent opportunity for philosophical […]

Don’t Take Happiness Too Seriously

dont-take-happiness-seriously T

I take happiness seriously so you don’t have to.  I frequently mention small things that I sprinkle throughout my days to add novelty and diversion. They’re little fun things that seem wonderful at the moment, but don’t really lead to long-term happiness.  Taking happiness too seriously leads to chasing happiness, and chasing happiness can lead […]

Truth is Subjectivity: Why Reality Isn’t Real


Last week, in Optimism Is Not Enough, I mentioned that Truth is Subjectivity, an idea proposed by Soren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard is more than just a fun name to say. He was relativity when relativity wasn’t cool!   It is important for us to realize the difference between reality and our perception of reality.  We’ll appreciate that […]