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An Experiment [Bonus Post]

an Experiment

[I’m adding an additional this additional bonus post.  It seemed timely.  Ish.  I hope it explains itself.  If not, let me know, and I’ll explain later.  Thanks for reading!] Several writers have recommended not  editing as I write as a means to boost productivity.  I’ve already backpspaced several times just in once sentence, so maybe […]

How Bad Times Increase Happiness in the Long Run


We try to find the path of least resistance. We try to avoid pain, discomfort, and inconvenience. We try to blend in instead of stand out. We do anything we can to avoid any form of unpleasantness. Comfort and pleasure don’t bring us long-term happiness, though. This is how bad times increase happiness in the […]

Virtuous Circles (and Maybe Vicious Ones)

virtuous circles

A Virtuous Circle is what you get when good habit starts to really pay off when the habit starts to feed and encourage itself. Wikipedia calls them “complex chains of events,” but I don’t think it has to be complex. There’s nothing complex about going for a walk. Glancing at your phone when it dings […]

Regret is a Void (or Life is a Vessel)


Most mistakes aren’t permanent.  We can learn from them and eventually even be glad we made them.  Most decisions aren’t good or bad.  We can make a great decision and mess it up.  We can make a horrible decision and bounce back better for it.  We can undo or overcome most bad decisions, but not […]

Your Happiness is Your Responsibility


Nobody else can do it for you. No one can make it for you, buy it for you, or take you there. It doesn’t matter how awesome somebody is, how intelligent they are or how much they love you, they can’t give you happiness. Each person can only make themselves Independently Happy. Your happiness is […]