Independently Happy

I take happiness seriously. So you don't have to.

Create Resistance on Purpose

A few weeks ago in Carry that Weight, I reminisced about the guy walking circles around the apartment gym carrying two 50-pound dumbbells.  He found a creative way to use Resistance on purpose.  While most creatives either succumb to Resistance or search endlessly for ways to avoid Resistance (I daresay one of Resistance’s favorite tactics), […]

Don’t Wait

The reason I’m stuck at this crossroads, the reason I feel trapped is that I waited.  I procrastinated.  I’m not saying I’d be rich if I’d kept up this blog since I started it, or any of the other blogs I’ve started.  I don’t know.  If I hadn’t waited, at least I would know.  If […]

How a Blog is Like an Old Friend

A blog can be like an old friend.  It is so easy for a few days to turn into a few months between visits with your friends and posts my blog.  For example, my previous post was October 1, over a month ago. It has been a few weeks longer than that since I’ve seen […]