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Getting My Groove Back

Other than my slightly bloated belly [How’s that for a first sentence?] either from the soy or the accidental dairy in my latte, I felt better Friday (Day 12) than I had the previous two weeks.  Although I did sorta crash around 7pm while working on the house, I felt really good most of Friday.

[Just joining us on this wild ride?  See how it’s gone from the beginning.]

I slept well enough to get up early and work on the house a couple hours before Taekwondo Saturday morning (Day 13).  Taekwondo felt pretty good.  I was still slightly lethargic and stiff–at least more than I usually am, but still had fun.  Or maybe class was just harder than usual.

My wife’s knees were pretty achy the day before, but it may have been caused by the cold front and rain that came through north Texas.  We really have no way of knowing for sure.  We just have to keep on experimenting with the foods.  I wish we had started this experiment earlier, so the results wouldn’t be confused by the effects of food and the effects of weather.  That reminds me.  We need to discuss procrastination and how it can kill happiness.  Coming soon!

After much deliberation and soul-searching, my wife and I agreed it was time to introduce the first new food back into our systems.  We decided the chicken at Chipotle would be safe.  Chipotle uses pretty clean ingredients, so it will probably be our go-to food introduction venue.  By “clean,” I mean smaller amounts of additives, preservatives, steroids, GMOs, pesticides, etc.  All that yucky stuff while normally try to avoid anyway.

That my have been the most delicious chicken ever!  It didn’t completely agree with my wife’s digestion, but it was love at first site for my digestion and metabolism.  A match made in Gastro Heaven.

Yes we “cheated” on our initial plan.  Yes we felt a little guilty about that, but we will not let that distract us from the Big Picture.”  Coming soon, a discussion about getting back up!

I reckon many of your are wandering how this might affect our weight.  Well, I’m glad I asked you to ask.  I’m going to tell you.

We both typically avoid scales.  We are both in really good shape, and the numbers that scales provide are pretty meaningless for someone in good shape.  I did want to make sure I don’t “waste away,” so I’ve been weighing myself on Fridays.  As of Friday (Day 12), I had lost two pounds since the Friday before we started our experiment, about a pound per week.  That number doesn’t really mean anything to me one way or the other  My wife hasn’t weighed, but she has slimmed quite a bit.  That made her happy–for now–to slim down without being able to exercise much.  Her friends at work are telling her she is losing too much weight and needs to stop this crazy experiment.  I believe a discussion on support and encouragement my be needed soon.

Sunday (Day 14) was glorious!  I had a nice run Saturday morning, about 40 minutes.  Only 49 days until my 15-miles trail run.  That is starting to scare me.  Our plan does allow sea food, so we enjoyed us some shrimp and lobster with lots of baked vegetables for dinner.  My stomach did ache slightly that night.  Warning sign?  That night, I did the P90X2 Recovery + Mobility DVD.  That loosened me up and relaxed me well for quite a good sleep.

I’ve still got lots to discuss, so I hope you stay with me.  I hope I’m inspiring you to try something new!

[Now that I’ve got you hooked.  See what happens next!]

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