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Happiness is Earned

In the past few weeks, we’ve discussed how happiness isn’t something you can find, get or give. Happiness isn’t a physical thing, and it doesn’t come from things. It’s a state of well-being and contentment according to Merriam-Webster. Happiness is something you become by what you do (and don’t do) and it’s something you maintain, nurture and preserve with your attitude and gratitude. Happiness is Earned.

Happiness earned

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This is the fifth of nine posts in my How to Be Happy series. To start from the beginning, check out Happiness Isn’t Something Can You Find.

Happiness is Earned

Yes, earned as in work. It doesn’t fall from the sky like manna.

I said manna, as in the bread that God gave the Israelites in Exodus 16.   Not Maná as in the band. Although, my friend told me that Maná the band has an awesome drummer. So maybe check them out.

Happiness doesn’t fall from the sky, it’s more like you have to:

-Dig for it.

-Run for it.

-Meditate for it.

(not meditate on it, Grammarly! That would be taking happiness too seriously.)

-Thank for it

-Think for it.

(not think about it, Grammarly! That would also be taking happiness too seriously.)

-Experiment with it

-Read it

-Study it

-Stack it

-Nail it

-Saw it

-Sew it

-Glue it

-Push it

-Pull it

-Peddle it

-Paddle it

-Hike it

-Climb it

-Write it

-Lift it

-Code it

-Cook it

-Paint it

-Sing it

-Strum it

-Swim it

-Swing it

-Dance it

-Fly it

-Try it


Thanks, King Julien!

Act it.

Do Happiness.

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Presence for Now

There is a lot of advice about enjoying life in the present and being grateful for what you have. That is absolutely correct, but it is only half of it.   It’s 40 – 60% of it.

It’s what I’ve done for most of my life. I’ve enjoyed all the things I’ve done. They have given me great memories and lots of happiness.

Presents for Later

Then 20 years later, I found myself with lots of memories and happiness built up but stuck in a job I couldn’t afford to leave and that was becoming a drain on all that happiness I’d built up.

I was focused so much on the present moment that I didn’t notice I was drifting.

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(Like Jon Acuff says, though, “This too shall post.”)

And herein is a happiness lesson.

Rather than getting stressed and depressed that happiness was suddenly getting harder, I saw the opportunity in the obstacle. It was a learning opportunity, and now I can share what I’ve learned to hopefully help others from drifting to a similar place.

So I keep up lots of those its at the top of the page.

And I’m trying to share what I’ve learned.

Stay tuned for the sixth chapter in my How to Be Happy series: How Happiness is Like Nutrition.







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