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Happiness Isn’t Something You Can Find

Maybe it is just a figure of speech, but how many times have you heard of someone setting off to find happiness?  We’ve heard it many times.  What George Bernard Shaw said about “finding yourself” applies to finding happiness.  Happiness isn’t something you find.

Finding Happiness

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This is the first of nine posts in my How to Be Happy series.

Life Isn’t About Finding Happiness

The lady’s unhappy, so she leaves her family and strays to greener pastures to find happiness.  The guy’s unhappy, so he starts flirting with a co-worker hoping to find a little boost to his ego. The kid looking for a distraction and decides to experiment with some substances.

Or the guy quits his job of 20 years so he can make money online and travel the world! I mean that guy didn’t even get his online business going first, so he’d have a little money to feed his family.  I’m so glad I’m not that guy!

It’s precisely the same as finding yourself. You don’t find yourself; you create yourself.

Wait. Wait.  George, how was it you put it?

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. -George Bernard Shaw Click To Tweet

Yes, that’s exactly l what I was thinking!

Life is About Creating Happiness

You don’t find happiness; you create happiness.

Two semicolons in a post?  Take that Kurt Vonnegut!  Unless I didn’t use them correctly.  In that case, I should have listened to Kurt.

But don’t take my word for it, let’s ask a famous person everyone loves and respects.

Dr. King, what do you think about finding happiness?

find happiness S

I agree completely, Dr. King!

There’s searching and there’s running. Are people venturing out to find happiness, or are they running from something?  Do they think they’ll be happier if they can get out of the trap they think they’re stuck in?

The point is that we don’t find happiness. It’s not this magical thing in a hidden place through a maze behind a wall through a door protected by a giant three-headed dog and a lock with a code and when you grab it the floor falls away and arrows shoot out of the wall and a giant bowling ball chases you out of the cave only to have it stolen by your nemesis from college.

No, that’s Raiders of the Lost Ark with a little Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone mixed in.

Check out Do Happiness for some ideas!

One more quote:

The foolish man seeks #happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet. - J. Oppenheim Click To Tweet

We can create happiness anywhere we are.

But Shayne, don’t you want to travel for happiness?

Excellent question!  I really, really want to travel more.

Travel is a source of happiness for me. That sentence contains two key words.


  • Not relocating
  • Not running
  • Not escaping
  • Not hiding. Travel
  • Not seeking anything, but an adventure
  • Go somewhere
  • Growing from getting out of your comfort zone
  • Embracing a new and different culture
  • Meeting new people
  • The anticipation of the trip
  • Memories of the trip



Shortest subtitle ever!

It is a source, not the source. It’s just one thing to do.

Check out the second chapter in my How to Be Happy series: Happiness Isn’t Something You Can Get!

What do you think?  Can you find happiness?  Where?

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