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Your Happiness is Your Responsibility

Nobody else can do it for you. No one can make it for you, buy it for you, or take you there. It doesn’t matter how awesome somebody is, how intelligent they are or how much they love you, they can’t give you happiness. Each person can only make themselves Independently Happy. Your happiness is your responsibility.


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This is the fourth of nine posts in my How to Be Happy series. To start from the beginning, check out Happiness Isn’t Something Can You Find.

Religious Debate?

Worst subheading ever for the internet.

We might get into a religious debate here. Somebody might suggest that God can give us happiness. Remember this though, God is smart. Omni-smart from what I understand. He doesn’t rain down happiness like Manna in Exodus 16. He merely gave us suggestions (and hearts and brains and nature).

All that work we do, all those kinds things we do for others, all those rituals we perform the prayer (meditation), those are all things that contribute to Happiness.

Hypothetical Question?

Have you heard the hypothetical question, could God create a rock that He can’t lift? It’s an attempt to disprove God with logic. If He’s not powerful enough to create such a rock, then He’s not all-powerful.  And if there’s a rock He can’t lift then he’s not all-powerful.

Well, can God create a being that He can’t make happy?

Or did He just create the beings and give them all the tools, methods and advice they’d need and then leave it up to them to do it for themselves?

Also Free Will.

Happiness isn’t something you can get. No one can give it to you, so your happiness isn’t anyone else’s responsibility. Your happiness is your responsibility.

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Have a listen to Jim Rohn’s humorous advice on responsibility.

Happiness Responsibility

Happiness isn’t something you can give. No matter how affluent, influent, thoughtful or determined you are, you can’t make someone else happy over the long term. You can’t make them Independently Happy. You’ll end up with someone who depends on your for their brief interludes of joy, who doesn’t know they can and who doesn’t know they have to generate their own happiness.

That person that you really want to be happy, that you’re willing to do anything and everything you can to make happy…

They need to know that their happiness is their responsibility.

That’s one of the greatest gifts we can give, the gift of knowing our own happiness is our own responsibility.

I really wanted to make that a Tweet this, but like much of life, it doesn’t fit into 140 characters.

Now I’m not saying that I’m giving you the greatest gift that there is to give or anything. I’m far too humble for that.

I’m extraordinarily humble!

I’m just trying to help up the happiness responsibility game.

Check out the fifth chapter in my How to Be Happy series: Happiness is Earned.

Have you ever tried making someone else happy?  How did that go?






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