Independently Happy

I take happiness seriously. So you don't have to.

The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 2.5

We are starting the 2nd and a half day of The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013.  I’ve had a cold both days.  I haven’t had a cold in about a year, so I’m not used to it.  I completely forgot what if feels like to have a cold . I feel horrible.  If I […]

The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 1.5

I figure the best way to jump into this is to jump into it.  It would be nice to have set up the scene and previewed all the areas in which one could\should strive for happiness, but I have not.  If I took the time to do that, then I would only delay the actual […]

Independently Happy

Hello. The only thing anyone wants for its own sake is Happiness.  Everything else anyone wants they want because it will–or at least they think it will– make them… HAPPY! I’ve got a few theories on achieving happiness.  As I experiment with them myself, I’m going to share my experiences here and hopefully help you […]