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The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 6.5

I posted yesterday’s post a little after lunch. The day did get not get better. I ate a second lunch around 3:00pm By the time I got home from work at 6:00, I was starving. I was a little light-headed. I was craving everything. I wanted Chick-fil-A nuggets. I wanted a Smashburger. I wanted the […]

The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 5.5

Days 4 and 5 were mostly uneventful, just me wondering if my misery was caused by my lack of coffee with creamer and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches or by my cold. I did learn a couple things.  1.  I’m a poor excuse for a Vegan.  2.  Honey?  Really? (If you’re new, start from the beginning.  And Welcome!) […]

Happiness Areas

I’ll give you a break from my nutrition and try to provide a little direction for this blog. I’m going to list the areas I’m thinking are key to happiness. Although I think it is okay to focus on a particular area, you don’t want to neglect any area for too long.  There are several, so […]

The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 2.5

We are starting the 2nd and a half day of The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013.  I’ve had a cold both days.  I haven’t had a cold in about a year, so I’m not used to it.  I completely forgot what if feels like to have a cold . I feel horrible.  If I […]

The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 1.5

I figure the best way to jump into this is to jump into it.  It would be nice to have set up the scene and previewed all the areas in which one could\should strive for happiness, but I have not.  If I took the time to do that, then I would only delay the actual […]