Independently Happy

I take happiness seriously. So you don't have to.

Escape Into the Moment, Not from It


So many of our diversions, the ones that form habits are to escape reality.  We should practice presence and living in the moment instead of trying to escape the moment. Confusing ease and comfort for happiness, we avoid difficult and uncomfortable. A more productive way to grow and become independently happy is learning to escape […]

Habits Get Nature’s Attention (or Habits Magic)

Habits Magic

We’ve talked about habits and results compounding one another in Virtuous Circles (and Maybe Vicious Ones) and how the compound effect of habits leads to increasing results over time. Are habits magic? It seems like we get help from somewhere. When concentrated, committed and consistent, habits get nature’s attention. Nature vs. The Universe I really […]

Not All Jobs Suck

jobs suck

I know some do. Too many people talk about hating their jobs. I see friends posting on Facebook telling of outrageous absurdities that happen at their jobs. We’ve got movies like Office Space, Fight Club, and American Beauty that portray corporate absurdities and nonsense. Yet we also know people who love their jobs. So obviously […]

Virtuous Circles (and Maybe Vicious Ones)

virtuous circles

A Virtuous Circle is what you get when good habit starts to really pay off when the habit starts to feed and encourage itself. Wikipedia calls them “complex chains of events,” but I don’t think it has to be complex. There’s nothing complex about going for a walk. Glancing at your phone when it dings […]

Avoid Regret With The Regret-O-Meter

avoid regret with the regret-o-meter

After last week’s scary post about how horrible regret is in Regret is a Void, I thought I should offer a trick on avoiding regret. Time is too precious to waste it waffling over decisions.  Use the Regret-O-Meter to avoid regret and get right to the fun part, the action. Introducing…. Shayne’s world-famous Regret-O-Meter!! Okay, […]