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Simple Ways To Seize the Days in a Job You Hate

hate my job how to get through the day

When you hate your job, your biggest goal in life is just to get through the day. Some days that climb around the numbers of the clock seems insurmountable. It’s a horrible way to live, but it’s a horrible place to work. You can get out of the daily spiral and enjoy your days. Here […]

Open Plan Office

If you’re used to your office or cubical, moving to an open plan office can be miserable and overwhelming. If you find Time Square (or your Facebook feed ) frantic, noisy and distracting (and maybe a little tacky), then you are probably going to struggle in an open plan office. There are ways to cope, […]

How to Not Feel Trapped in Your Job

feel trapped

There’s nothing worse than when you hate your job and feel trapped. It makes a hatable job stressful and a stressful job hatable. I suffered over a year before I realized I wasn’t really trapped. My friends who were laid off soon realized they were neither trapped nor doomed. Everything worked out for the best. […]

Typical Meditation Session

how to start meditation

Learning to meditate can make you feel foolish. Are you falling for something? Does this really work? I was skeptical too, but I tried it even though I didn’t know how to start meditation. I felt foolish and frustrated until I found out what meditation really is. Practice. It’s a daily drill, a dress rehearsal […]

The Best Cure for Insomnia Caused by Job Stress

hate job can't sleep

Insomnia sucks. Work stress wrecks your sleep, especially if you’re not happy with your job. At some point, you can’t tell if you hate your job because you can’t sleep or if you can’t sleep because you hate your job. Before you can think about searching for a new job, you need to get some […]