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The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 1.5

I figure the best way to jump into this is to jump into it.  It would be nice to have set up the scene and previewed all the areas in which one could\should strive for happiness, but I have not.  If I took the time to do that, then I would only delay the actual work towards feeling good.

One of the primary areas in which one should work towards happiness is nutrition, so here is my nutritional journey.  Doesn’t calling it a journey make sound all cool and spiritual?

I’ve been thinking a couple years about trying out veganism. It just seemed so extreme, so out there.  But Seth Godin and Brian Leunser are vegans, so I’ve thought about it.

My wife’s doctor recently told her that her body was full of inflammation.  We had tried some juices with foods that were supposedly full of good anti-inflammatory nutrients, but never had much luck.  We were probably still consuming too much of something bad, so we decided to stop the madness.

We started stopping the madness yesterday.  We had a very non-vegan breakfast, possibly the best pancakes, bacon and hash browns I can remember.  Then we looked forward.

We don’t expect any significant improvements in the first 15 hours, other than that significant first step.

The start.

I don’t think it productive to tell you what all we are eating, but we did have a little fun getting some books, going shopping and cooking.  And the food we made is quite delicious.  And in 29 days, I get pancakes and bacon!

To keep from burying the lead, let’s get back to the start  We started.

If you are thinking of doing or trying something, you have to at least start.  Don’t give up until after you start.  I think that is a vital key to happiness.  Start the habit of starting.  Procrastination leads to stress and wondering what you missed, what might have been.

Get started starting something good.

[What happens next?  Jump to Day 2.5!]

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