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The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 5.5

Days 4 and 5 were mostly uneventful, just me wondering if my misery was caused by my lack of coffee with creamer and Chick-Fil-A sandwiches or by my cold.

I did learn a couple things.  1.  I’m a poor excuse for a Vegan.  2.  Honey?  Really?

(If you’re new, start from the beginning.  And Welcome!)

First, Vegans have strong conviction towards animal welfare.  I hope I don’t offend too many, but I don’t.  I don’t want to see any creature treated cruelly, but I just don’t think we’re exploiting bees by eating honey.  I’m sure there are some cruel ways of farming (or whatever it is called) honey, so we always stick to local bee keepers.  Remember what happened to Barry B. Benson?  As I mentioned, we did stop buying Tysons when we saw how the chickens were treated in “Food Inc.”

Then there is the seafood thing.  I hope we didn’t offend any true vegans with our plan to continue eating seafood.  We haven’t eaten seafood yet, and we may not, but we have not ruled it out of our 30-day trial.  Don’t hate.  We just don’t know what to label ourselves.  Don’t negate.  I’ll sick Kierkegaard on you!

And back to honey.  It turns out honey isn’t vegan.  I had honey and peanut butter on a gluten-free vegan waffle Wednsday.  It was so good and sticky after 2.5 days of lentels and black beans.  Now I learn I can’t be vegan and eat honey.

Things did get somewhat dramatic for us the evening of Day 4.5.  My wife informed me that after 18 months of sore and achy knees (caused by osteoarthritis) that her knees had not ached all day.  Wow!  That makes everything worth while.  I’ve noticed she has also woke up earlier that past couple days and has seemed less groggy fist thing in the morning.

I hurt a toe in Taekwondo in July.  Today is the first day since that it has not been sore.  I still don’t feel more alert or energetic like all new vegans say they did after a few days, but that is probably the last of the cold.  Or the NyQuil.

So far our plan is still to introduce a few items, one at a time, back into our system and try to determine a cause or causes of our inflammation. That plan could change if my wife’s aches stay away.

She just texted me and thanked me for embarking on the journey with her and said she is feeling better because of it.  She called me “Honey” which made me hungry for a waffle.

What new thing are you trying today?

[What happens next?  Jump to Day 6.5]

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