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The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Day 6.5

I posted yesterday’s post a little after lunch. The day did get not get better. I ate a second lunch around 3:00pm By the time I got home from work at 6:00, I was starving. I was a little light-headed. I was craving everything. I wanted Chick-fil-A nuggets. I wanted a Smashburger. I wanted the Joe T. Garcia’s Mexican dinner. I wanted a Toblerone dipped in Nutella and marshmallow with a big glass of chocolate milk. I wanted a Rahr blonde and Marlboro Red. Okay, I did not want a cigarette, and I’m not giving a link to that site.

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I wolfed down some of the lovely vegan dish my wife made the night before and some Nature’s Path Mesa Sunrise with Almond milk. It didn’t stop any cravings, but it helped me feel a little better.

My wife was pretty hungry too, but wasn’t feeling bad like I was. She had a little dinner, and we got straight to painting. I’ll get to that tomorrow or Monday. Or Friday. There are so many topics I want to cover! I have so many great ideas of stolen. I mean come up with. This was not supposed to be an I-hate-being-vegan blog; that’s just the big thing we’ve jumped into the middle of.

A good friends texted my wife and asked us to meet them for dinner. I really wanted to go. This guy is so cool, and totally my entrepreneurial hero. We called the restaurant. The gentleman who answered said they had Vegan options, but we didn’t want to trainwreck their evening or ours with our food craziness. And we really, really needed to paint.

Day 6.

I was still feeling kinda cloudy and groggy from congestion, so we skipped Taekwondo this morning–I haven’t even talked about how Taekwondo fits into the grand scheme here–and went straight back to painting.

We got on a roll painting–KA-CHOW!–went a little too long, and skipped lunch, so we both started feeling badly. That was more our fault than our Vegan diet, but we chose to blame Vegan. We felt much better handling that way.  The painting has been so good to our house.

We had vegan bowls at Chipotle. I was quite surprised at the employees. They were not rude at all, very nice. They just acted like we were the first people who ever got bowls without meat, cheese or a tortilla. Remember we’re also gluten free during for this experiment. Gluten-free isn’t nearly as sexy as Vegan, so it doesn’t get much airplay on this station.

There is only one other restaurant near us that I know caters to special diets, and they are too expensive to dine there very often. Although, my kid LOVES their scallops and penne pasta. How many 7-year-olds have fits for scallops and lobster? Mine.

As I was running out to try and squeeze in the yard work before dark, my wife had an episode of really sharp pain in one of her knees this evening. It came and went in a few minutes. My Taekwondo toe is still better. My heel-which has been sore since around February–is feeling better. Because of my cold though, I haven’t really tested it with Taekwondo or running. It was weird in the shower. I prepared to wince as I washed that big toe, but it didn’t hurt.

End of Day 6. We’re not enjoying this vegan lifestyle much, but we are enjoying less pain. Neither of us feels the energy and clarity that everyone says they feel after a few days, but we’re thinking that is because of our colds. We’re sticking to our 30 days as almost vegans.

What are you sticking to?  I think I phrased that question poorly.  What new good habit are you trying and not giving up on?

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