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The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Week 2

To free up days to write about other happiness areas, I’ll only post about The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013 every few days.  That will free up more days for exercise, family, friends, business, etc.

We last left our heroes at the end of Day 6.  I just noticed I haven’t included the days.  Day 6 was Saturday.

[Just joining us on this adventure?  See how it’s gone from the beginning.]

Day 7 Sunday

Sunday was a little better. I didn’t have the cravings of the past two days.  Shopping took forever.  My wife’s knees stiffened up after we finished a couple days’ painting, so I volunteered to attempt shopping on my own.  I went back and forth between aisles of Sprouts trying to decide on new foods to try.  Sprouts was crowded!  By the way, Sprouts is a great place for anyone looking for healthy food.  Lots of healthy, natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, all that jazz.

We took my Mom to dinner for her birthday, so we had our first dining out experience.  Houlihan’s caters to various dietary needs.  I got to watch my daughter eat friend calamari that I couldn’t enjoy because of its buttermilk batter.  We have had this calamari before, and it is delicious!  My wife got a spinach salad with salmon, and I got salmon and vegetables.  I know salmon isn’t vegan, but in our quasi-vegan experiment we are allowing ourselves seafood for now.  Then I got to watch my Mom and daughter split an apple pie with ice cream.  Both dishes I was able to eat were excellent, but I left wanting more.  I guess that is better than leaving stuffed, bloated and miserable.  Or is it?

Day 8 Monday

Monday was much easier.  I really wanted a coffee all day.  I guess I have this dependency on coffee, and it helps me get through work days somehow.  I think my coffee craving led to a slight headache that I enjoyed all day. I know I could have black coffee, that it doesn’t have to have half ‘n half, but it’s just not the same.  It’s not what I want.  Our car, which had been in the shop several days, was finished.  We had to pick it up, so one more night skipping Taekwondo.

Day 9 Tuesday

I should mention my sleeping.  My sleeping is getting progressively better.  That usually only happens when I’m working out so hard that I’m physically drained.  The improved sleep is nice.  It’s not good enough that I’ve decided to make this change permanent.  I still have every intention of enjoying a coffee with cream on October 8.  I couldn’t have my usual recovery drink after my run, because it has milk-based whey protein. I didn’t run that far or hard, so that was okay.   My run did start off well though. My first Taekwondo class with this eating plan was rough.  I didn’t have much energy, and I was not very alert.  I was a little sloppy with my kicks, kicked a kicking pad incorrectly and re-injured the toe that had only just gotten better.  I thought that was kinda funny.  On the way to school, my kid had new healthy bar she was trying out. She didn’t like it and handed it to me.  After dropping her off, on my way to work, I absentmindedly took a bite of the bar.  When I realized what I was doing, I checked the ingredients.  The bar had milk and wheat.  Oops.  Just one bite, but I now I wonder how much of my usual eating is absent-minded and how much I actually need.  Great lesson!

Day 10 Wednesday

I woke up easily around 5:30 without an alarm and felt good at first.  Around 8am, I started getting really tired and light-headed.  I sat for a while, and that wore off.  The rest of the day was okay.  I didn’t feel too bad, but still wasn’t feeling good.

I realize I am spending most of this time complaining about how bad this experiment is making me feel.  My soul is still good.  I feel mentally stronger in that I’m sticking this out so far.  I am glad I am trying it.  I’ve learned a lot about my eating habits. And when it’s all over with, either way, I’ll feel good that I was willing and able to try something new and stick with it.

[The tale of Week 2 continues in our next exciting episode: “Raining: Day 1 OR The Counter-Intuitiveness of Happiness“]

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