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The Great 30-Day Vegan Experiment of 2013: Week 3

Almost finished with week three of the Experiment.  Nothing much to report this week.  I feel a lot better than I did last week, but I still don’t have enough energy to fuel running, P90X2 DVDs and Taekwondo.  I have learned that I can and should eat better then I have been, but I don’t have to be vegan.  I currently don’t want to be vegan.

 [Just joining us on this adventure? See how it’s gone from the beginning.]

My wife and I split a Chipotle bowl with chicken, but not cheese, Wednesday night.  Thursday night, we tried tempeh.  It’s not bad.  We mixed it in with some veggie stir fry.  It added something–not sure what–and gave us some protein.  It did help with my biggest complaint about stir fry, which is it doesn’t have meat in it.  The tempeh made the stir fry very enjoyable.  We’re planning to have it at least once per week from now on.  We are going to only have red meat once or twice per month.  We haven’t decided for sure.

We are both struggling with wanting to finish this last week of the Experiment. We’re pretty sure we’ve seen all the results we’re going to see.  Neither of us realized the alertness and energy most vegans say they felt after the first few days.  Maybe it is just not for us.

We are both glad we tried this though.  We will definitely eat less meat, especially red meat.  We also both intend to educate ourselves a little better and prepare a little better and perhaps give this experiment another try in the not-to-distant future. I’m pretty sure our lack of success was due more to lack of education and planning than to mal-nutrition caused by the lifestyle.

One issue I have is the supplements.  I’ve read in many places that vegans need to take supplements, especially B12.  I have a problem with that.  Not that I typically–or ever–eat well enough to not need supplements, but if a diet requires supplements, then it is not perfect. It is not suitable.  I may change my mind about that as I learn more about it.

I’ve also unintentionally buried the gluten-free story.  I think my wife is probably benefiting cutting back on bread.  She has slimmed significantly over the past three weeks.  The aching in her knees has returned though.  We will probably continue to minimize our gluten intake for now, but lay off avoiding it on our next vegan experiment.

Now.  What to try next?  Or am I busy enough?

What are you trying?  Are you busy enough?

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