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Happiness is a big, broad topic, so where to begin?

Choose your own path to happiness from the options below!

121 Inspiring Happiness Quotes is a great place to start.

I hate my freaking job!

I feel like I’m stuck or I don’t like the way things are going.

I’d like to learn more about mindfulness and gratitude.

I want to relish the holidays more.

Time keeps slipping away.

I just want to be happier or make sure I stay happy.

I want to know How to Be Happy.

I’d love to download some clever and inspirational printables.

Or maybe you’re asking yourself, “Who is this Shayne anyways?” I just happen to know. Read all about Shayne. Mostly about Shayne. No TMI here!

I Hate My Job!

The “H-word, huh?” Sounds serious. Don’t fret! Check out these posts on surviving a job you hate.

Let’s start with the right frame of mind.

Hilarious Work Memes and Jokes

Go get a few laughs, lighten your spirits, then come back.

Now that we’re all in a better mood and frame of mind, here are great resources if you hate your job.

Best Way Out if You Hate Your Job and Can’t Afford to Quit

Jobs Are Temporary, Bodies Are PermanentEver feel like the guy in that picture?

7 Certain Ways to Hate Your Job

I hate my job and I can’t sleep!

How To Survive an Open Office Plan

How to Not Feel Trapped in Your Job

The Best Cure for Insomnia Caused by Job Stress

Simple Ways To Seize the Days in a Job You Hate

5 Sneaky Mindfulness Triggers for Surviving Work

Your Happiness Isn’t Management’s Responsibility

Not All Jobs Suck

Busy Work and How to Survive It

I’m Stuck!

Feeling stuck? Let’s channel advice from The King.

Knowledge isn’t enough if you. You have to take action on what you learn. The same is true with optimism.

Optimism is Not Enough

This is one of my most popular posts! I mean who doesn’t like Pink Floyd? This one will get you going!

Pink Floyd’s Time is the Wisest Song Ever!

Here are my top posts about taking action. These should surely get you unstuck!

Gradually, then Suddenly: Hemingway’s Warning About Habits

How to Max Out Your Happiness Accounts

Look Beyond Imperfections

Time Flies So Fast

No Happiness Without Action

How to be Happy

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Just as it’s tough to be unhappy when you’re grateful it’s difficult to be happy when you’re ungrateful.

One reason you shouldn’t take happiness too seriously is that focusing on happiness usually leads to why you’re not happy. That leads to focusing on what you’re not grateful for, which makes happiness difficult. That’s where gratitude makes its triumphant entrance and saves the day!

Not quite!

That’s where you make your triumphant entrance and focus your attention to gratitude, to what you are thankful for rather than what you lack.

How Gratitude Boosts Your Power

3 Powerful Ways To Become More Grateful

Gratitude is so powerful, I even used Power in two titles!

How Having Few Wants Leads to More Happiness

What about when your mind runs wild and treads deeper and deeper into what you don’t like. It is difficult to be grateful when you get your mind off what is wrong with the world. Or with your life. That’s what meditation is for. Start practicing thinking about what you want to think about.

In a word, mindfulness.

Set yourself up for success with these 5 Sneaky Mindfulness Triggers for Surviving Work. They’ll also work outside of the office.

And just so you know that meditation is just practice and that it doesn’t always look like the models on Instagram, here is a Typical Meditation Session.

I Want to Relish Holidays More

I’m working on the ultimate guide to how to have the perfect holidays. It’s a work in progress, a living post. Always updated. Never finished. Right now it’s just epic. Not quite ultimate.

Gift Bags vs. Gift Wrapping

How to Find the Perfect Gift

Gift Wrapping: Giving the Gift Within a Gift

Fulfill Needs and Be Somebody’s Miracle

Time is Slipping Away

This one is getting lots of traffic. I mean, who doesn’t love Pink Floyd?

Pink Floyd’s Time is the Wisest Song Ever!

If you like music and song meanings, check out Slip Sliding Away. Paul Simon also had some wise words on how to use time.

Another high traffic post is Time Flies So Fast.

I Just Want to Boost My Happiness

You’re like me in December. I love the experience of Christmas shopping without the pressure of having to find gifts. Because I finished shopping in September! You’ve already done the work and just want to lavish in the experience.

You’re like me in the gym. We’re not getting in shape. We’re doing what we know we need to do to stay in shape. We’re not trying to get happy. We’re just doing what we know we need to do to stay happy.

How to Max Out Your Happiness Accounts

3 New Years Resolutions to Ensure a Great Year

Focus on Life’s Enormousness, Not Life’s Enormity

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