An Experiment [Bonus Post]

[I’m adding an additional this additional bonus post.  It seemed timely.  Ish.  I hope it explains itself.  If not, let me know, and I’ll explain later.  Thanks for reading!]

Several writers have recommended not  editing as I write as a means to boost productivity.  I’ve already backpspaced several times just in once sentence, so maybe there is something to that.  How could I possibly keep a train of thought toing when I’m constantly backspacing and fixing typos.

Back in Time

Some suggested turning off the spellchecker, but I don’t even wait for spellchecking. Spellchecker.  I just had a thouhght. Should I post one of these how it is?  Just to show how this stuff comes out without editing it.  That should ahve been a question mark.

Okay, I’m b eing to meta.  I’m sjupposed to be writing about what I’m doing, but this is ridiculous, writing about what I’m writing as I write it.

Will I edit all this out when I”m done?  Or later sometime?  It’s really bugging my just typing all this stuff knowing it will just be deleted, but I”M willing to give it a shot.  WHy did I just capitalize that M?

Lt It’s also cold in here. Glad I wore my jacket.

Ok, so far it is not helping.  I’m going to take a break

I just took a break to add the time and date at the header, really the subtitle , so I can know how much words I put out. That’s not even what I really meant by taking a break.  I meant that I was going to take a break to work on onnfiction.

I just noticed that you can write about having an idea and forget the idea while you were writing about having a new idea.

It was something about not editing as you write.

Ok.  so far, garbage.

Or maybe not.  It might be interesing just reading sombeoeyy stream of conseance.

Lol .  Like that’s how you spell concience.

This reminds me of htat posdcast whre that guy just says nonsence to help you sleep.

Ok.  I’m back 6:05 now.  I was able to write 600 words in 30 minutes.  That would be a 1200 words per hour pace. WPH.  I like it.  1200 WPH.  A new landspeed record.  Or not.

I’m still thinking of psting this with no corrections.  I’m still trying not to edit as I go. I just checked–something I reallyl shouldn’t be stoppijjng to do–and was at 371 words.

This post is wrecking my Grammarly stats.

Is anyone–has anyohne noticed the irony here?  I’m trying the advice of writers, which is to not distract yourself with editing as you rwrite.  To not distract your writing flosw with editing as you write.  I just typed floss almsot.

So I’m try8in go to not distract my writing wit hediting , but I’m distracting my wrtiing with writing about writing without editing.  And also wondering if efverybody has this many typos when trying to write.

This is pretty tiring.

Maybe I’ll stop this particular one at around 500 words, whouch which would be now sinc eI’m at 4782 482 words.  Today is my usual posting day, so that would be two posts today, u and it’s too late to schdule the original post for later, since it psted an hour ago.  I’ll queue it for Thrusday

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7 thoughts on “An Experiment [Bonus Post]”

  1. I LOVE this! HILARIOUS!! And I can relate so very much. I backspace all the time before spellchecker has a chance to correct me. (did it in this comment too lol) Thank you for the entertaining post!!

  2. Incredibly funny Shayne! I try free writing all the time or write without editing. Here is my problem. I can not move forward in my thoughts knowing my words are misspelled. I freeze! I get hung up! I have to go back to correct or I’ll go nuts. Writing for me takes a long time, but I like it. Thanks, John.

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