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A Blog Post About Blog Posts (and Why I’m Writing Them)

I love blogs about blogging. I think I’m really benefiting from the information. And it’s meta! I love writing. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting up at 4:45 am and going to Starbucks to write every day. Read here to see why I’m going to Starbucks to write. This early morning writing has […]

Is It Okay to Disrespect the Disrespectful?

Today’s post is kinda fun.  It is kinda Dr. Seussy—word!–so you may want to read it twice.  Or more.I can’t remember what was going on when I wrote this, but someone was probably all over the news complaining that somebody disrespected them.  I wish I could remember, but based on the date of this file, […]

Doing vs. Being

Many gurus suggest we should focus on being instead of doing. Does Being pay the bills or accomplish goals? The best way to balance Doing vs. Being is…

Doing vs. Outcome

It’s frustrating not getting what we want, especially when much of what we do is to get what we want. Here are the reasons why understanding doing vs. outcome will help you appreciate each day more. See that little-bitty me near the top of that ridge? I’ve studied Happiness extensively for the past few years. […]

Up Early [Bonus Post]

Writing about Procrastination is fun! In my case, it is usually a fun way to procrastinate writing about something harder. Since part of my plan here at the IH is to show you just how much alike we are, I to like confess my not-having-it-all-togetherness. Looking through some old files, I found this gem. Since […]

Podcasts Shayne Currently Loves, Part 1

How can anyone not love podcasts? They teach. They entertain. They make excellent use of time during long commutes.  This is the current list of podcasts I enjoy. I have several more interesting ones queued to check out soon, but this is the current list. Freakonomics Freakonomics has been my favorite for several years, ever […]

Numbers Don’t Lie

I’ve been fooled before. I’ve listened to marketing, mistaking it for information. I bought it because it was what I wanted to buy. I was sold lies, and I bought them because it was what I wanted to hear. We need to learn to differentiate between the truth, marketing and lies. Even when the marketer […]

What’s It All About?

I’ve been recently writing so many posts for my blog that I got off track, so I’m circling back to remind you–and remind me–of this blog’s purpose. What Is It All About? I intended Independently Happy to be about a guy–me–who wasn’t famous or rich. I wanted this blog to be about as regular guy […]

About the Day Job

I feel I should talk more about the day job.  Admittedly, my emotions occasionally get the best of me.  I know that is the path to the Dark Side, so I try to maintain better grasps on my emotions, but it is difficult.  I’m only human after all.  Mostly human. Much drama has revolved around […]

A Wild Hair

Stardate 201606140528 One of the toughest decisions that has plagued me lately is what to do with my hair. The past 15 years or so, I’ve worn the tousled, spiky look. I think that look is dated though, right? By about ten years? The Current State of My Hairs…I Mean Affairs I have not had […]