A Blog Post About Blog Posts (and Why I’m Writing Them)

I love blogs about blogging. I think I’m really benefiting from the information. And it’s meta! I love writing. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting up at 4:45 am and going to Starbucks to write every day.

Read here to see why I’m going to Starbucks to write.

This early morning writing has worked really well for me. I was afraid I would run out of ideas, but writing about my ideas only led to more ideas. I’ve generated more ideas than I can currently keep up with.

Mostly, I’m able to get in the work before anything gets a chance to derail it. So in case you’re wanting to start something but can’t find the time, it is possible to make the time.

Don’t look for time. Make time.

You can quote me on that. Unless someone else said it first. Then quote them. I’m sure somebody already said that, but I Googled and couldn’t find it.

Don’t look for time. Make time.

– Shayne Seymour

Tweet that!

I don’t want to only blog. I’m writing now mostly to work the writing and creating muscles, but I’m also stock-piling content for when I officially launch the blogs.

My excuse for waiting to launch is that I’m moving. After we move, I can set up my recording equipment for the podcasts. I’m also concerned about having enough money for closing or otherwise ruining the closing, so I’m not spending any more money than I have to. I’m going to need a host for podcast files. I’d like to get better themes for the blogs. I’d like to get dedicated hosting and a few other tools. All those items could nickel and dime me into a few hundred dollars. So for now, I write.

[special]After the scheduling of this post, but before the posting of this post, we have since moved. [/special]

The downside of writing is that I haven’t been running. More on that later. Isn’t the suspense awesome?!

So Why Blog?

I’d like to entertain and help. I’ve got three blog ideas, Independently Happy (this one), Creeping Obesity, and Texistentialist. IH has two purposes, one of which is to work through and share my philosophies of Happiness and how to build Happiness.

It is also to chronicle the life of an ordinary, average overachiever. Me. I want to share my philosophies and show how I’m living them, partially to live as an example, but mostly to prove what I’m proposing. I hope it helps.

Creeping Obesity is a blog about getting healthy. I have a CO Twitter feed in which I Tweet from the perspective of the Beast, Creeping Obesity. I hope it is also helpful and entertaining. I have several ideas for it when I get it going.

Texistentialist won’t help anybody. It is just for fun. I hope to make people laugh, but if I make people think more than usual, then it might help. I don’t have any plans for it other than podcasting and maybe a little merchandising.

I definitely want to monetize these projects. Working for a big corporation is not for me. I want to be able to work anytime, anywhere. Helping people file tax returns and manage all that data is necessary and definitely a contribution to society, it’s just not one that still interests me.

As you can probably tell from the title of my third blog, I’m an existentialist, so my priority is the individual. I want to help the individuals with their individualism, the existentialists with their existentialism. I want to help people become–or stay (or become and stay)–happy, healthy and think on a higher plane.

I get misty when he gets mystical.

I hope the daily act of writing eventually works my writing and creating muscles enough that I can start writing fiction. In fact, I’m 730 words into this day, so why don’t I work on a little fiction right now.


What is it you want to do, but “can’t find the time?”

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