About Me (or A Brief History of Shayne, Part II)

My Mom bought me my first pair of briefs when I was barely two.

Not that kind of brief!

Right. Anyone who knows me knows that I try things. I think a lot, and I do a lot. I hope that doesn’t sound like bragging because none of it has made me even remotely rich or famous.


Let’s Check Some Items on the List

I’ve been a musician. I played trumpet, piano, bass and guitar. Sometimes two at once. I’ve played in high school bands, jazz bands, rock bands and country bands. Sometimes two at once. I’ve written, performed and recorded songs on cassette, CD, and vinyl.

I’ve reached the summit of 12 Colorado 14ers. (That’s me there in the Dallas Stars jacket.)


Plus, I’ve:

  • played roller and ice hockey.
  • cycled, even completed the Hotter ‘n Hell hundred mile bike ride one summer in Wichita Falls, TX. Luckily for me, it was unseasonably cool that year.
  • run and finished a few road and trail half-marathons and a 15-mile trail race.
  • got BBA in Accounting.
  • wrote and read sports updates on a college radio station.
  • completed Personal Trainer school twice and
  • used to be a Realtor in the state of Texas.

I’ve bodysurfed in the Mediterranean (that gorgeous blue water in the top picture is the Mediterranean).

I’ve had a beer in the oldest pub in Madrid.

That’s me there on the left.

What I’m holding may be the smallest beer in Madrid.

I’ve been married once (and still am!) and have a wonderful step-daughter (whom I prefer to think of as my own) who finished college and moved off to Denver and another delightful kid about to enter middle school.

About a year ago, during a lunch with friends to celebrate my younger daughter and I just getting our black belts in Taekwondo, a friend made a suggestion.

Did I mention I’m a black belt?


The Suggest

What this dear friend suggested should try next, she thought, was American Ninja Warrior.

I sat back for a few moments. After years of lessons and a grueling week of testing, My daughter and I just become black belts. I was pretty sure either of us could do anything.

Rather than tell her what a horrible idea that was, I told her that next…I wanted to be more like her husband. This wonderful friend of ours is an entrepreneur. He’s brilliant. They both are brilliant. They are very generous and live very well. I want to be more like that.

The Quest

What I wanted to try next was produce income outside of a job.

All those things I’ve done didn’t pay. In fact, they were all expensive. I’ve got great memories that contribute significantly to my Happiness.

I had no ideas how to produce income outside of work that didn’t involve cleaning or mowing, so I started looking. I researched all the ways people made money on the side and made money online. I watched where the company I worked for seem to be headed.

I learned that if you want to start a business, find a need. Like in Robots, “See a need, fill a need.” I began the quest to find a need.

What I found was confusion. With all the technology and luxury at our fingertips, we humans are needier now than we were when we had to kill our own food…and when our food killed us for food.

Yet, with all this technology, it’s never been easier to fill a need or have a need filled. My problem wasn’t that I couldn’t find a need to fill. My problem was that there was too much need to fill.

The Behest

Then the new orders came. The company I work for wanted a new culture, so they made some changes. I’m fine with that. Each person wants to make a mark, and nobody makes a mark by maintaining the status quo.

I’m easily bored, so I like change. I didn’t like their changes though. I’m sure the new culture is great. Some love it, but the new culture doesn’t work for me. I’d love to stay there with the colleagues I’ve known for two decades, but I just can’t thrive in that culture.

And survival isn’t enough for me.  Thriving is what I do. I need to go where I can thrive.

I can’t stay there. Assuming most IT jobs don’t get automated away, I don’t want another job.

The new quest was to produce income instead of a job.

The Layoff

Then I watched five close friends lose their jobs. I wanted a layoff. The company offers sweet severance packages, and that would have given me the time to do this making money online thing. I didn’t get a package, but I saw a hundred or so people who wanted to keep their jobs get a package instead.

The Stress

There’s another curious aspect of this. 80% of people don’t enjoy their jobs. You’d think they’d be positive about all the downsizing and automation “threatening” their jobs, but they’re not. I see people who are worried and stressed over losing the stressful, soul-stealing jobs they hate.

Double misery. Stressed and worried about losing something you hate because it’s so stressful.

See a need. Fill a need.

The Rest

So I decided to help people fill their needs the best way that can, which is filling their own needs. (important note, one of the best ways to feel fulfilled is to help someone else fulfill a need.)

The three areas I’m here to help: Grocery shopping, working in cubicles and entrepreneuring.

Grocery shopping

A need I’m trying to fill is wasting time grocery shopping. Start with my Kindle book Shopping Made Easy. You can beat that need in about an hour from now.

The Cube Life

I’ve seen many friends suffer in jobs they don’t like. Friends in other companies and friends in other groups within companies I’ve worked for.

I’m currently working on a book and maybe a course on surviving the Cube Life. I’m not helping you find a new job or career. I’m just getting you through the hours and days right now.


There are plenty of blogs about making money online. I’m not currently interested in being another one of those.

I am interested in owning some businesses. If you want to get out of the rat race, start something on the side or just see a need to fill, contact me. I’m not currently interested in trading coaching or consulting hours for money, but I would like to help you get started and prospering for a percentage of ownership.

This is my Tale…

…my blogcumentary, if you will.

I’m just a regular guy!

I’m shy, an introvert. I don’t make enough money (yet) to travel the world and drive an Audi. I’m mentally exhausted after a long day at the office.

I want to spend more time with my family.

Time like this


and this



and on Halloweens, this

That’s a little creepy.

I’m frustrated and struggling just like you.

Just like you, I’ve got a spouse, kids, a pet who deserve my time. Just like you, I’ve got bills to pay, but never enough time–and sometimes not enough money–to pay them.

I have faith though.

I’m working to get to where I can give my family and friends the time they deserve and take my family on travels all over the world. I’ll probably pass on the sports car thing.

I’m going to build a life of my own and document it right here. In my blogcumentary. I’m going to show my kids that they never have to feel stuck. I want to show you that too, because…

If I can do it, you can do it.

And I’m doing it.

I’m not guru. I’m an anti-guru. What does that even mean? I can’t tell you what to do. I just come up with ideas and try things that you can also try. I read every book and blog I can find and listen to every podcast I can find.

I’ll make some calls if I have to!

Whether you want to cheer me on or join me (or jeer me, but that would just be mean), this is the place. Let’s go. I’ll go it alone if I have to, but I’d prefer some company. I prefer to have co-conspirators on this little adventure of taking back our lives and giving it those who deserve it.

Opportunity is everywhere. It’s all around us, like the Force. We just need to let go and use it.

At least I hope that’s how the Force works.

Oh, and this is my alter ego.

Hello. I like to chime in now and then.

It’s more like interrupt. My alter ego will interrupt now and then. He means well.

Let’s do this thing.

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