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No Happiness Without Action

No Happiness Without Action

Happiness can be confusing. With Mindfulness on the rise, many are telling us we’ll be happier if we learn to “just be” instead of do. There is no happiness without action. Although mindfulness and meditation are important, you need progress. Overcoming and progressing also make you happy. America’s first psychology teacher wrapped up all the […]

Gradually, then Suddenly: Hemingway’s Warning About Habits

gradually, then suddenly

Have you ever looked up and wondered, “How did I get here?” You suddenly realize your health, finances or a relationship is a wreck. Read on to see how to prevent ruining your life “gradually, then suddenly.” It happens to all of us. It’s the way habits works. It’s the way canyons, beer bellies and […]

Learning Never Stops: Graduation is Just a Beginning

Learning Never Stops

My kid just graduated college. We are so proud of her. She’s only the second person–out of a huge family on my side–to graduate from college. Guess who was the first.  It was never even a question of if with her; it was when. So far, we’ve all had too much fun celebrating to stop […]

How to Max Out Your Happiness Accounts

happiness accounts

Does happiness ever seem so far out of reach you don’t even know where to begin your quest? Do you wish there was a happiness map or manual? Start thinking of your happiness as a savings account in which you invest time and energy, saving up for a rainy day. What are happiness accounts? Scroll […]

3 New Years Resolutions to Ensure a Great Year

New Years Resolutions

Can we agree that New Years Resolutions are pretty much a waste of time? By February we’re feeling guilty for not keeping resolutions we didn’t really want to do anyway. If we really wanted to do whatever we’re resolving to do, we’d do it now instead of waiting for next year. Here are the three […]

How to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

How to Do What You Don’t Want to Do

I’ll ask the obvious question first: Why would you want to do what you don’t want to do? Why even discuss doing what you don’t want to do? The answer is, quite simply, not that simple. If you’re feeling stuck and tired of procrastinating, this is how to do what you don’t want to do. […]

Getting vs. Becoming

getting vs becoming

Like so many things I do, this one drives me crazy. Remember back to November 11, 2013, when my kid and I were working towards getting our black belts in Taekwondo? It took us a couple years. During the May of 2014, I started having some health problems and moving. I was constantly getting dizzy, […]

Make Fear Fun

Make fear fun

It’s Halloween. I feel like I’ve said that before. It’s time to enjoy things normal people should be afraid of. What if we did that all the time? But instead of vampires and roller coasters, we if we made fun out of new foods, new friends, and new books? What if we make fear fun? […]

The Compound Effect

Compound Effect builds momentum

Albert Einstein may or may not have said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world, but everyone knows that it is. Take that, Stonehenge! The cumulative effects of small habits compounded consistently over time are enourmous. The Compound Effect is very powerful. The Compound Effect is also the title of a book […]

Habits Get Nature’s Attention (or Habits Magic)

Habits Magic

We’ve talked about habits and results compounding one another in Virtuous Circles (and Maybe Vicious Ones) and how the compound effect of habits leads to increasing results over time. Are habits magic? It seems like we get help from somewhere. When concentrated, committed and consistent, habits get nature’s attention. Nature vs. The Universe I really […]