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5 Sneaky Mindfulness Triggers for Surviving Work

mindfulness triggers

Our days are full of stress triggers, so sneak in mindfulness triggers to help you practice calmness. Here are 5 sneaky mindfulness triggers for surviving the day. Does anything at work ever stress you? Work is the primary reason most of us meditate. And drink. How are you supposed to remember to focus on your […]

The Best Cure for Insomnia Caused by Job Stress

hate job can't sleep

Insomnia sucks. Work stress wrecks your sleep, especially if you’re not happy with your job. Find out why stress wrecks your sleep if you hate your job and how to get your sleep back. Insomnia Sucks If your job stresses you too much, or if you just hate your job and can’t leave it, that […]

3 Powerful Ways To Become More Grateful

3 powerful ways to become more grateful

Becoming more grateful will change your life. Practicing gratitude increases positive emotions, reduces depression, improves relationships and builds resilience. Everyone has something to be grateful for, and we can always become more grateful. Sometimes it’s easy to be grateful and sometimes it’s more challenging. We go through difficult times and pain has a way of […]

Typical Meditation Session

how to start meditation

Learning to meditate can make you feel foolish. Are you falling for something? Does this really work? I was skeptical too, but I tried it even though I didn’t know how to start meditation. I felt foolish and frustrated until I found out what meditation really is. Practice. It’s a daily drill, a dress rehearsal […]

Escape Into the Moment, Not from It


So many of our diversions, the ones that form habits are to escape reality.  We should practice presence and living in the moment instead of trying to escape the moment. Confusing ease and comfort for happiness, we avoid difficult and uncomfortable. A more productive way to grow and become independently happy is learning to escape […]