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Surviving Change: Holding on to What’s Precious

Surviving change requires learning that we can’t control what happens. We should focus our efforts and work to preserve what is most precious. Although there are no guarantees that we can preserve everything that’s dear to us, we should learn to appreciate and hold on to what’s precious. Everything changes. Even back in 500BC, Heraclitus […]

3 Solid Reasons Pollyanna Syndrome is Toxic

We want to be positive and hopeful while remaining realistic. While being a Pollyanna is a healthy mindset, there are 3 why reasons Pollyanna Syndrome is toxic. Check out the post and let me know if you agree.

3 Simple Reasons Why Optimism Is Not Enough


Optimism is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way better than pestimism (Word!), but it’s empty without action. Although it is vital for building happiness, optimism is not enough. Optimism Without Action is Empty Without action, optimism is just fluff. Unfortunately, it will eventually run out. We’ll stop falling for it. We need objective evidence, […]

3 Surprising Reasons Pollyannaism is the Best Mindset

It’s difficult to know how to respond to these trying times, to be optimistic or realistic. 3 surprising reasons why Pollyannaism is the best mindset are…

Why is Pollyanna Defined So Harshly?

Pollyanna defined

Have you ever been called a Pollyanna? Did you take it as a compliment? As defined in dictionaries, Pollyanna is an insult. Here’s why the definition inaccurately depicts the novel’s character. Is Pollyanna Defined Correctly? One day at work, I mentioned something about annoyingly positive people. One of my coworkers overheard and turned around to […]

105 Inspiring Happiness Quotes

Everyone loves quotes. Inspiring quotes adorn shirts, mugs, posters and email signatures. You know you want to be the one who shares the best quotes with your friends. This page is the ultimate source of inspiring and easily-shareable happiness quotes! Jump to the Quotes Click a link to skip my wise words to go the […]

Don’t Take Happiness Too Seriously

dont-take-happiness-seriously T

Taking happiness too seriously leads to chasing happiness, and chasing happiness can lead to bad habits. Bad habits lead to misery. Don’t take happiness too seriously. I take happiness seriously so you don’t have to. Don’t Chase Happiness I frequently mention small things that I sprinkle throughout my days to add novelty and diversion. They’re […]

Look Beyond Imperfections

look beyond imperfections

Struggling with perfection is difficult. Bombarded with images of perfection, we feel inadequate when we don’t measure up. You could hire an airbrush artist to follow you around, or you could take Gerard Way’s advice and look beyond imperfections. Since we all love quotes (and since I’m curating hundreds of them for my Inspiring Happiness […]

5 Powerful Benefits of Uncomfortability


Although seeking comfort seems ideal, embracing discomfort is key to creating happiness. This post takes a deep-dive into uncomfortability and the best reasons to boost yours. What is Uncomfortability I found a few different definitions of uncomfortability, none of which were in dictionaries. Not finding it in dictionaries would indicate that it isn’t technically a […]

Encourageable Meaning and Mastering

encourageable meaning

Encourageable is a wonderful word, but many claim that it isn’t a word at all. You can benefit enormously with the understanding of encourageable meaning that you can become happier. Encourageable Meaning Many will try to tell you that encourageable isn’t a word, that you are misspelling incorrigible. “You can’t just add ‘able’ to ‘encourage […]