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Why CoSchedule is The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool


After two years of waffling, I finally tried CoSechedule. Here is how I use it and why CoSchedule is the best social media scheduling tool. To highlight the contrast, the dramatic improvement that CoSchedule has made in my blogging and why it is the best social media scheduling tool, I detail my processes before I […]

My Best Medium Stories of 2019

I also write on Feel free enjoy some of my work there too! Clap, highlight and join the conversation.  It’s fun and easy. Find my full selection of stories here.

Best Way Out if You Hate Your Job and Can’t Afford to Quit

hate my job can't afford to quit

Feeling stuck in a job you hate can be depressing. It drains your energy, purpose, and happiness. Everyone says, “just quit.” That’s easy to say, but what if you can’t afford to quit? In this post I’ll help you work your way out of that trap. I Hate My Job But Can’t Afford to Quit […]

The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet

Infinity Gauntlet

Did Doctor Strange save the world at the end of his movie? Watching the movie got me thinking. I wondered how the other Infinity Stones might be used to generate a little happiness. That’s when I got my great idea for The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet. The paperback version will be ready soon! If you’d like […]

Discounts and Distractions

This is a story I shared with my email list a few days after Christmas last year. I received great feedback on it and wanted to share it as a blog post, but who wants to hear a Christmas story in January? I mean other than me. Not everyone is on board with Christmas, but […]

An Experiment [Bonus Post]

an Experiment

[I’m adding an additional this additional bonus post.  It seemed timely.  Ish.  I hope it explains itself.  If not, let me know, and I’ll explain later.  Thanks for reading!] Several writers have recommended not  editing as I write as a means to boost productivity.  I’ve already backpspaced several times just in once sentence, so maybe […]

Virtuous Circles (and Maybe Vicious Ones)

virtuous circles

A Virtuous Circle is what you get when good habit starts to really pay off when the habit starts to feed and encourage itself. Wikipedia calls them “complex chains of events,” but I don’t think it has to be complex. There’s nothing complex about going for a walk. Glancing at your phone when it dings […]

Regret is a Void (or Life is a Vessel)


Most mistakes aren’t permanent.  We can learn from them and eventually even be glad we made them.  Most decisions aren’t good or bad.  We can make a great decision and mess it up.  We can make a horrible decision and bounce back better for it.  We can undo or overcome most bad decisions, but not […]

Weeds are Sneaky


Here is a story of weeds.  You’ve seen weeds.  One pops up in the yard.  It’s out back by the fence.  It’s just one, so I figure just one is okay.  I’ll get it this weekend.  Then I look Saturday morning and there are three weeds.  I go out to pick them and realize there […]

Truth is Subjectivity: Why Reality Isn’t Real


Last week, in Optimism Is Not Enough, I mentioned that Truth is Subjectivity, an idea proposed by Soren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard is more than just a fun name to say. He was relativity when relativity wasn’t cool!   It is important for us to realize the difference between reality and our perception of reality.  We’ll appreciate that […]