Independently Happy

I take happiness seriously. So you don't have to.

Do Happiness


Do get plenty of sleep. …pay yourself first with your time … get up and move around for a few minutes every hour. … spend at least ten minutes per day focusing on slow, deliberate breaths preferably your own … become smoke-free … turn off distractions and focus on your work (then see second item […]

Independently Happy, Part 2 (or A Book With One Arm)

Potato cup is what I think every time I hear the phrase “rotator cuff.”  What is a potato cup?  I don’t know.  A cup for potatoes?  What does potato cup have to do with anything?  Nothing, I just wanted to start with something different, and I bet few have ever heard the phrase “potato cup.” […]

The Story I Wanted to Tell and the Story I Get to Tell

You think your life is headed a certain way. You may or may not like the direction. You might even be working to move in a different direction. Depending on how intentional and diligently we’re working, we assume we’ll end up somewhere between where we want to go and where we think we’re going. (Assuming […]

Even the Happiness Dude Gets Down Sometimes

Sometimes all this positivity really gets me down.  I read the blogs and listen to the podcasts of those self-help and positivity pros, and sometimes they are really depressing.  I don’t know if they’re disguising the fact that life isn’t always great, or if they just want to make sure that they are constantly bombarding […]

Carry That Weight

I mentioned how much I loved our apartment.  Our apartment was on the pool, and directly across the pool from us was the weight room.  The weight room was so nice.  It had everything I needed:  pull up bars on the cable machine, leg machines and lots of dumbbells.  I saw lots of interesting exercise […]

Always Be Wrong


There is no upside to winning an argument.  We will build more Happiness if we try to always be wrong.  Have you ever won an argument and enjoyed it?  Probably not.  You probably ended the argument with both of you thinking the other is helplessly hard-headed and clueless and probably won’t speak to each other […]

Why Did I Procrastinate Writing?

I procrastinated for months.  Why?  I was going to have to power on a computer, opening some kind of word processing software, write stuff, save the file somewhere, edit it, post it, add links, edit it again, then start on the next topic. And don’t get me started on images! I bet the word processor […]

How Clutter Feels Like Extra Weight


Back when we were packing to move, two questions weighed on my mind.  [Pun intended.]  What are we going to eat this week? And how can we fit into a smaller house? Then the connection hit me.  Having too much stuff is just like carrying extra weight.  All that stuff and clutter is extra weight we […]

4 Ways Politics Makes You (and Everyone Else) Miserable!

[I’m hesitant to post this one because so many get so worked up over politics. I’m new though. Time will eventually bury this post behind other posts by the time I’m Internet famous. Unless it goes viral. Then I’m in trouble. I have to post it though because I really believe that politics makes you […]

A Blog Post About Blog Posts (and Why I’m Writing Them)

I love blogs about blogging. I think I’m really benefiting from the information. And it’s meta! I love writing. A couple of weeks ago, I started getting up at 4:45 am and going to Starbucks to write every day. Read here to see why I’m going to Starbucks to write. This early morning writing has […]