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Virtuous Circles (and Maybe Vicious Ones)

virtuous circles

A Virtuous Circle is what you get when good habit starts to really pay off when the habit starts to feed and encourage itself. Wikipedia calls them “complex chains of events,” but I don’t think it has to be complex. There’s nothing complex about going for a walk. Glancing at your phone when it dings […]

Regret is a Void (or Life is a Vessel)


Most mistakes aren’t permanent.  We can learn from them and eventually even be glad we made them.  Most decisions aren’t good or bad.  We can make a great decision and mess it up.  We can make a horrible decision and bounce back better for it.  We can undo or overcome most bad decisions, but not […]

Weeds are Sneaky


Here is a story of weeds.  You’ve seen weeds.  One pops up in the yard.  It’s out back by the fence.  It’s just one, so I figure just one is okay.  I’ll get it this weekend.  Then I look Saturday morning and there are three weeds.  I go out to pick them and realize there […]

Surviving Change: Holding on to What’s Precious


Everything changes.  Even back in 500BC, Heraclitus knew that “the only constant [was] change.”  The only thing that doesn’t change is that everything changes.  Heraclitus also said that we can’t even swim in the same river twice. Yet, we still occasionally take for granted things that seem to remain constant for a long time.  Then […]

The Best Way to Grow is Imagine, Plan, Prepare and Act

Imagine Plan Prepare Act Progress

The self-help gurus all think we should all read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich,” so I did.  The message I hear from the book and from the gurus is “think about rich, become rich.”  Think about anything and become it.  We have to read between the lines, though, between the panels as we comic […]

Truth is Subjectivity: Why Reality Isn’t Real


Last week, in Optimism Is Not Enough, I mentioned that Truth is Subjectivity, an idea proposed by Soren Kierkegaard. Kierkegaard is more than just a fun name to say. He was relativity when relativity wasn’t cool!   It is important for us to realize the difference between reality and our perception of reality.  We’ll appreciate that […]

Do Happiness


Do get plenty of sleep. …pay yourself first with your time … get up and move around for a few minutes every hour. … spend at least ten minutes per day focusing on slow, deliberate breaths preferably your own … become smoke-free … turn off distractions and focus on your work (then see second item […]

My Amazon Subscribe and Save Subscriptions

Hello, my friend trying to create a better life! I finally finished my Kindle book Shopping Made Easy: How to Save Time, Money and Your Car Using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program. It occurred to me that some people might want to know a good place to start their product search. I thought I would […]

Habits Make Deposits Into Our Happiness

Happiness takes time, just like any significant progress takes time.  Happiness is a combination of the progress we’ve made and the progress we’re making towards goals.  Even if we’re not there yet, we’re happier with the progress than without.  It’s time to start making deposits into our Happiness and stop robbing our own Happiness.  Here […]

Better Bad Times

We can’t plan for everything, but we can plan for lots of things.  Dare I say most things?  If you consider the things you fear, most of them haven’t happened.  Yet while we worry ourselves fearing these bad things that will likely never happen, other less bad things happen.  These are things probably things we […]