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Time Flies So Fast! How We Can Slow it Down

time flies

Do you ever feel like Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in Interstellar? You think you’ve just dropped on and off Miller’s planet for a few minutes and realize you were gone 23 years? When you’re drifting through life and not paying attention, time flies so fast. Not only does time fly, but it seems to […]

Pink Floyd’s Time is the Wisest Song Ever!

Pink Floyd Time meaning

Many of us worry about time. None of us has enough time each day, and many of us think about how much time we have left here on Earth. We try to squeeze in as much work and life as possible into our very limited time, wondering if we’re using it wisely. Roger Waters gave […]

Quality Time and The Quality of Time

quality time

We spend our time chasing money.  We pass time to trying to pass time.  We spend time chasing happiness.  We spend time trying to arrange our lives so that we have more free time. Even though we don’t always follow through with the work, we search for ways to extend our time. Although we can […]

Time is Better Than Money

time better money

I originally had some not-so-nice things to say about this phrase.  I can’t remember why.  Somebody at work probably said it indicating their time is valuable.  I decided to look it up.  The Quote Investigator confirmed that Benjamin Franklin is correctly attributed with Time is Money  Anyone can make more money if they work at […]

Now is The Second Best Time to Start


When I was writing The Best Way to Grow is Imagine, Plan, Prepare and Act it occurred to me during the Act part that now isn’t the best time to start.  The best time to start would have been 2004, or maybe last year.  I Googled this thought, and it turns out it was already […]

Slip Sliding Away

Slip Sliding Away

This post is a little longer than usual. It will be like an Avengers movie though, and before you know it, you’ll be sad it’s over. I recently read Michael Hyatt and Daniel Harkavy‘s new book, “Living Forward,” in which they describe how easy it is to drift through life. They teach us how to […]