Do Happiness

Do get plenty of sleep.

…pay yourself first with your time

… get up and move around for a few minutes every hour.

… spend at least ten minutes per day focusing on slow, deliberate breaths preferably your own

… become smoke-free

… turn off distractions and focus on your work (then see second item above)

…something that raises your heart rate and makes you sweat a little bit every day


…call your Mom and Dad

…call your step mom and step dad too

…hug your kids at least five times every day

…hang out with your friends at least a twice per month

…go on a date at least once each month

…eat your vegetables first, then the rest

…drink enough water

…cut way back on sodas

…read every week.  Even comics.  Especially comics.

…do assume you don’t know

…try to learn what you don’t know

embrace the wonder of other people’s opinions and let them have them.

…let it go.

…listen to “Let it Go.”  At least read the lyrics.

…put some distance between yourself and your worries

…do feel

do stop with the “Let It Go” references

…consider what you do deliberately versus what you do automatically

…pay yourself first with your money

…put some money in a jar (or a bank) every week for a trip to a foreign country

…take your kids to Disney (It doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think.) and

…pay for the photo package

…go see and support local live music (at non-smoking venues)

…tip your wait staff and musicians

…try a new food at least once per month

…get out of town a few times each year

…find places for things and put them there

…watch your favorite movies enough times that you can quote them with family and friends

…include “Flushed Away” in that list of movies

…go to a museum a few times a year

…buy a coffee for the person in line behind you at the coffee shop

…volunteer somewhere

…give Santa a little help and give all your Christmas presents to a needy family every few years.

…pay attention to how people are feeling


…ask people how they are doing and stop and listen

…consider how your actions affect others

…consider how bad their day may have been when they flip you off for driving too slow

…smile, wave and let somebody into the lane in front of you, even if they sped up to the end of the merge.  (They may be racing to someone who needs them)

…put away shopping trolleys for people with kids and for the elderly.  Your car will thank you.  (Even better, shop online!)

…tell them how you feel.  Be nice.

This isn’t a long list of things we have to worry about getting in.

It’s a partial list–46– of our many, many options of simple, little things to do every day to contribute to Happiness.

It was enough to get me over 500 words for the day.

Please comment below and leave some ideas for more.  Maybe we’ll compose a book together, you and me.  Will you give me writing creds?  Should we add that to the list?

We can make habits out of some like hugs and calls to parents.   We probably can’t get them all in, like dates or trips to Disney.


Do try to get them all in.


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