Do Not Take Life Too Seriously

Do not take life too seriously. It can already be difficult enough without that extra stress. Life is easier and happier when you don’t expect it to be pleasurable all the time. It’s easier to enjoy life if you don’t take it too seriously.

Do not take life too seriously
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I love this one for obvious reasons. It’s very close to my Don’t Take Happiness Too Seriously and to my tagline, I take happiness seriously. So you don’t have to.

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

― Elbert Hubbard


Do Not Take Life Too Seriously

It doesn’t mean you should only have fun all the time.

Think About it the Logistics

To constantly have fun would require constant planning so that the next few things are fun. That amount of planning would be exhausting.

Not only that but the amount of fun you get from something once you do it wears off. You’ll need something a little more fun next time. You’d suffer…

Expectation Escalation

Do not take life too seriously

That constant increasing level of pleasure wouldn’t just be difficult to plan, it would take tireless creativity. There are far better things to exhaust creativity on.

Lower expectations are easier to meet, so don’t increase them naturally by constantly chasing pleasure.

It will be expensive!

Somebody’s Gotta Fund the Fun

The food, drink, concerts, planes, trains and automobiles.

The money will run out. When there’s not enough to funds for constant fun the pleasure would end.  And let me tell you this:

There’s no fun in FUNd!

Okay. That’s not true. There are definitely fun ways to fund fun. Also, all the letters are right there.

Let it Be

As the Beatles said, let it be. Do not take life too seriously. It doesn’t have to be fun all the time. Trying to make life pleasurable and fun all the time would be exhausting. Sometimes you have to work to fund the fun. There’s a great chance you’ll enjoy the work. Maybe you’ll enjoy what you complete.

Bad times can increase happiness in the long run.

You Will Never Get out Alive

At the risk of being dark, the result is the same. Whether you enjoy and love life, or just miserably get through it, the end is the same.

The Way it Ends May Not be the Same

A little self-care might make the end a little better. Sufficient sleep, nutrition and exercise could mean the difference in a sick and painful last few years and a happier, more enjoyable last few years.

So rather than constant indulgence and diversion, suffer a little nutrition and exercise.

Constant Pleasure Will Not Make You Happy

Too many desserts and drinks are delicious and enjoyable on many levels right now but will make you sick over the long term.

The same with television and movies. Your older self really needs you to work on mobility, strength and balance.

Happy Mondays

Give Yourself and Your Loved Ones Presents for the Future

Give them a little inheritance or at least write down some stories and what you learn from them. Perhaps a blog or writing stories on Medium. Give your future self a healthy, strong, balanced flexible body and a clear and creative mind.

Do not take life too seriously. Don’t take happiness too seriously.

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What are some of your suggestions for not taking life too seriously?

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