Encourageable Meaning and Mastering

Encourageable is a wonderful word, but many claim that it isn’t a word at all. You can benefit enormously with the understanding of encourageable meaning that you can become happier.

encourageable meaning

Encourageable Meaning

Many will try to tell you that encourageable isn’t a word, that you are misspelling incorrigible. “You can’t just add ‘able’ to ‘encourage and create your word,” they’ll say.

Are we gonna let them boss us around? 

We can have fun with language. We can make up our own words and use them in whatever way suits us. I especially think this is true if you can enjoy inspiration and understanding from your newly constructed words.

Encourageable Meaning vs. Incorrigible Meaning

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Encourageable

Just in case you just watched The Sound of Music, heard Kurt call himself incorrigible then ask Maria what it means, let’s cover that.

Maria replies to Kurt, “I think [incorrigible] means you want to be treated like a boy.” That didn’t tell me much either, so I went to the magical and wondrous webs-o-net. That means I Googled it.

What Does Incorrigible Mean?

According to dictionary.com, incorrigible means:

  1. not corrigible; bad beyond correction or reform:
    incorrigible behavior; an incorrigible liar.
  2. impervious to constraints or punishment; willful; unruly; uncontrollable:
    an incorrigible child; incorrigible hair.
  3. firmly fixed; not easily changed:
    an incorrigible habit.
  4. not easily swayed or influenced:
    an incorrigible optimist.*

In other words, stubborn. Hard-headed, perhaps even closed-minded.

Maria gets in a little jab without Kurt realizing it, perhaps without many of us realizing it.

Perhaps it is just a common misspelling of incorrigible, but…

What Does Encourageable Mean?

Let’s Start With Encourage

Its origins are en-, meaning ‘in,’ and courage**.  To put courage in, to give courage.

Then -Able

I think we know what able means.

Encourage + Able

Able to be encouraged. It means you can be encouraged. Pretty simple, right?

You can have hope. You’re less likely to be discouraged. When you encourage someone you give them hope and confidence, so being encourageable means that you can be given hope, confidence and courage.

Most importantly, it means you can encourage yourself.

Why Be Encourageable?

Feeling Encouraged Feels Good

Being more easily encouraged means it will be easier to feel good.

As I frequently insist, feeling good constantly is not only not the goal, it’s not possible. That’s lots of nots. Feeling good is more pleasant than feeling bad, though. Encouragement means you can feel content feeling bad because you know you’ll soon feel good again. That’s lots of feels!

Why Being More Encourageable Can Make You More Resilient

Why would you even want to able to be encouraged? One of the best indicators of happiness is resilience***. If you’re able to be encouraged, to be given hope, confidence and courage, you’re more likely to bounce backs from setbacks.

Being more encourageable meaning you’re more likely to be resilient means you’re more likely to be happy.

Ready to Grow More Encourageable?



When was a time when you wished you were more encourageable?





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