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How to Find the Perfect Gift

Holiday glee is really heating up by now.  Or is holiday hee really gleating up? Either way, stores of all kinds are frenzied with masses trying to finish their Christmas shopping. More people are using up the rest of their vacation days, and they’re using those vacation days to finish their Christmas shopping. Finding the perfect gift makes having perfect holidays as easy as Christmas. Here are surefire ways to always have the perfect gift.

perfect gift

Perfect Gifts vs. Perfect Parties

Gifts are different than parties. Whereas a perfect party is usually not nearly as memorable as a disastrous party, a perfect gift is memorable and can really make a great holiday season. A cleverly wrapped gift is even more memorable.

Perfect gifts are just as difficult to accomplish as perfect parties.

What ensures either will fail is waiting until the last minute.

In my opinion, the search for the perfect Christmas gift begins in January. That’s right. Start keeping your eyes open early.

Perfect Gifts Are Like Love

We can’t pursue love. We can only make ourselves the most eligible we can be, then put ourselves in as many of the right places as possible. Did you just veer off into dating advice?


Perfect gifts are like love. The harder we look for the perfect gift, the harder it is to find. When we wait until the last minute, we can’t think or see clearly. We miss things right in front of us, and because we’re trying too hard, we focus on items that are probably more of a gag gift than a perfect gift.

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We find gifts that really aren’t that great. We want the perfect gift so earnestly that we overvalue it, then obsess over just about any gift just because it’s available. We don’t realize that we’re in love with the idea of the perfect gift rather than the actual gift.

Then we get too attached to a gift that we know deep down just isn’t right for us. Not only is it ultimately unfulfilling spending so much emotion on a gift that isn’t really right for us, but we get complacent and stop looking for a gift that would be much better for us.

I still think you’re talking about dating.

So do what you can to put yourself in the right places to find the perfect gift.  Then keep your eyes open!

Perfect Gift Hunting is a Form of Creativity

Perfect Gift

Finding the perfect gift requires creativity.

Just like you’ll be a better painter by painting more or a better songwriter by writing more songs, you’ll be a better perfect gift shopper by spending more time shopping for the perfect gift.

When it comes to finding the perfect gift–whether it be for a birthday, holiday, anniversary or whatever…

There is no time like the present.

You didn’t just…

Yes, I did!

We should have picked our perfect Christmas gifts months ago. If we’re at this time, middle December, and we’re not looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift yet…

It’s time to start paying attention.

What if It’s Already December?

If it’s already late November or December and you’re already feeling the pressure, have heart!

Or what if you just don’t have lots of money to spend?

Even better!

In my opinion, the best gifts are less expensive, but more memorable gifts. That’s the ultimate goal, right? Sure, you want to the giftee to be happy with the gift right now, but what you really want is for the giftee to remember the gift ten years from now.

Erika curated a spectacular list of 15 memorable, creative and reasonably priced gift ideas!

By creative, do you mean cheap?

That’s why I said “memorable” first. Her gift ideas aren’t just reasonably priced, they are gifts people will love, use and remember!

Another Perfect Gift

What if you find another perfect gift or a more perfect gift? A perfecter gift.

Consider the two (or more) gifts and decide: Which is a better Christmas gift, and which is a better Valentine’s Day gift?

What if you find multiple perfect gifts?

Stock up.

Take me, for example. I don’t just write a blog post each week, then post it at 4:55 am Monday morning.

I write down ideas every day. I write every day. In theory. I’ve got almost two hundred files of blog post ideas in various phases of edit. I’m stocking up for a rainy day. At one time, I had 12 weeks of blog posts edited and queued up on WordPress. I’m not in such an ideal position lately.

So, yes…

Ways to Always Have the Perfect Gift

  1. Give the gift of travel.
  2. Start shopping early for the perfect gift.
  3. Stock up on perfect gifts.
  4. Listen to your loved ones.

Give the Gift of Travel

We tend to focus on things to give as gifts, but experiences make us happier than things. In this post on my travel/fun blog, I explain why travel is the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Perhaps you could book a cruise and give that to your loved one for Christmas. Then for Valentine’s Day get your loved one an item they can use on the cruise. Or maybe you give the vacation as a Valentine’s Day gift and use Mother’s Day or Father’s Day to give gifts useful for the trip.

“Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year.”

– Cousin Eddie Johnson, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Your loved one will get enjoyment well before and well after the gifted vacation. The anticipation and planning before the trip and the memories after the trip

Start Shopping Early for the Perfect Gift

The holidays shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone Christmas happens every year. So why wait for November to start Christmas shopping. Strive to use November and December to shop for Valentine’s Day gifts. Finish your Christmas shopping by September.

If you’ve finished your Christmas shopping and happen to find a perfect Christmas gift in December, then put away the first gift and save it for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.

It’s not even necessary to go shopping in September. Just keep your eyes open all year. Unless you confine yourself to a cave, you’ll see plenty of great gifts throughout the year.

Stock Up on Perfect Gifts

If you have extra perfect gifts, you always have the option of giving the gift during less-than-special occasions. In fact, if you give a great gift on a non-special occasion, you create a new special occasion. Not the kind you have to repeat annually, but something that will be remembered and appreciated for years.

If your perfect gift game is that good, though, shoot me an email! That’s a guide you and I can make some money on.

So don’t fret about choosing the perfect gift. Just get out there and keep your eyes open. The gift will choose the gifter.

Now you’re talking about magic wands.

After you’ve found the perfect gift, do you wrap it or put it in a gift bag?

Listen to Your Loved Ones

If you listen closely enough, you’ll get plenty of hints for gifts.

They may mention movies or books they enjoy. They may mention their favorite colors and scents. They’ll mention events they’d like to see and places they want to visit.

Keep notes on your phone or in a scratchpad somewhere.


Have you ever found the perfect gift? Or a gift you thought was going to be perfect? We’d all love to hear about it in the comments. Seriously. I could use some help here!

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