How a Blog is Like an Old Friend

A blog can be like an old friend. It is so easy for a few days to turn into a few months between visits with your friends and posts my blog. For example, my previous post was October 1, over a month ago. It has been a few weeks longer than that since I’ve seen several of my good friends. In some cases, it’s been a few months or years since I’ve seen some of my good friends or posted on some of my blogs.

During that month, I’ve realized several times that I need to see what Jay is up to and that I needed to write a post. As time passed, I began to feel guiltier for not reaching out to Jay or posting a new post in so long, so I decided later will be better. Soon, the number of things I needed to catch up on with Jay was too much to catch up on in one short lunch or one blog post, so I decided to wait until there was more time.

I’m always saying the only way to break out of a cycle is to break out of the cycle. At some point, you just have to do what you’re not doing or stop doing what you are doing. I just had to text Jay and write this post.

Time with good friends is one of the keys to happiness. You’ve got to make time for friends. You’ve got to do the work you’ve got to do. I’ve got to write these blog posts. When I don’t, when I give in to any of the excuses Life so willingly gives me to not write, I miss the connection. That creates a tension and Happiness can’t reside where there is that kind of tension. Not that kind of tension.

New Blog Idea!

The short-term tension and the long-term tension. Coming soon…unless I pick relieving short-term tension over long-term tension. I guess you’re going to have to come back to see what I do. And what that means.

So give that old friend a call right now. If she’s at work, leave a message. If she sees your call and immediately assumes something must be wrong, then you may be as bad a friend as I am. Smiley face emoticon. And whatever you’re supposed to be working on, get busy. Just give me (give yourself) five minutes.

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