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Make Fear Fun

It’s Halloween. I feel like I’ve said that before. It’s time to enjoy things normal people should be afraid of. What if we did that all the time? But instead of vampires and roller coasters, we if we made fun out of new foods, new friends, and new books? What if we make fear fun?

Make fear fun

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I like scary movies and scary rides as much as anyone else, but those are more for pleasure than happiness. I’m talking more about the harder things that don’t come with the dopamine rush that’s gone in a flash, but something you remember fondly years later. Something that starts a new good habit.

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A Real Ghost Story for Halloween

My wife and I went to New Orleans to celebrate our anniversary.

My friend in southern Louisiana keeps telling me that we should stop going to all the touristy stuff in the French Quarter, but my wife and I returned to the Quarter.

Make fear fun

One day we visited the Lafayette Cemetary #1. That was pretty creepy, but the creepiness didn’t end there.

We returned to our hotel room after buying a gift for our kid.

As we walked down the hall towards the elevator, we heard some ladies talking in the small dining area next to the elevator. While waiting for the elevator, I glanced into the dining area to see who was talking. I couldn’t see anyone and assumed they must be around the corner at a small table in the back of the room.

There were some ladies playing cards at a table the night before. I was just curious, so I leaned around the corner. I just wanted to see who was talking.

The room was empty.

As soon as I leaned in enough to see the entire room, the talking stopped.

My wife saw my face, so she stepped forward to look in the room.

“Who was talking?”

“I don’t know.”

That was the highlight of our trip. Even after a day of wandering around a cemetery, the strange voices was the highlight of our trip.

Why is it that kind of fear is fun (at least for me), but I can’t overcome the fear of asking the store merchant for a cash discount?

When Fear Isn’t Fun

Make Fear Fun

What’s the difference between fun fear and uncomfortable fear? Getting hurt? Getting embarrassed? Someone saying No?

Most of the bad stuff we fear will never happen. Yet fear still paralyzes us from taking the actions that will lead to more happiness.

Here are a few very simple things that might seem a little out of your comfort zone. That’s all they are. Uncomfortable. They’re dipping your toes into the proverbial freezing water of a swimming pool instead of diving in. Some will even help others

Speaking of diving in. I’m scared of diving. Pool and sky.

Entry-Level Scary

This is like Goofy’s Barnstormer lever stuff. (ahhh, that video brings back such memories.) Enjoy this one a few times, then we’ll move on to Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train and eventually Space Mountain level.

Let me know if you’re already comfortable with the following, and we’ll see about getting you on the accelerated program.

Comment on Blog Posts

If this seems a little self-serving, that’s because it is.

If you comment on a blog post, then other people who read that blog post will likely read your comment.

What will they think?

They may think that your comment is dumb.

Well, maybe they’re dumb.

Just comment. It may be a little uncomfortable at first but just do it. It will help the next uncomfortable thing you want to do seem less scary. And just so it doesn’t seem too self-serving–and to give you a little more practice–here are a few other blog posts you can comment on:

Comments really help the blogger. They’re not as scary as they seem before you do it, but it will help the blogger and you may enjoy the conversation.

It will help you too.

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Review a Book

That’s right. Go back to Amazon or B&N and leave a review for a book you’ve read.

Yes. It is true. Someone is going to read your review. They might even be dumb enough to think that your review is dumb. I could be wrong, but I don’t think Amazon has a feature that allows people to review reviews.

If someone thinks your review is dumb, you may never know it.

It also really helps others. It helps the people who read your review decide if they want to buy the book. It also helps the author by giving us social proof.

So hop on over to Amazon and review some of those books you’ve read.

Review a Podcast

Same applies here. Reviews are super helpful to podcasters.

If you haven’t ever listened to podcasts, then there is something else you can do that might be uncomfortable. Find and listen to some podcasts. Then leave some reviews. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

How to Rate Podcasts

Btw, I hope to launch my podcast soon! If you still don’t see my podcast in the above video, then contact me and ask me, “why, Shayne? Why?!”

Cold Shower

This is one of the best of entry-level scary things to try.

Yes, a cold shower is just as intimidating as jumping into the cold pool. It is an uncomfortable shock to the system.

It is so invigorating though. And so healthy.

If you’ll turn that shower water down to cold and endure it just a few seconds, all sorts of vascular and metabolic benefits flood through your body.

And you get a little braver for the next scary thing.

Let me know if you do any of those things? Tell us in the comments below.










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