Not All Jobs Suck

I know some do. Too many people talk about hating their jobs. I see friends posting on Facebook telling of outrageous absurdities that happen at their jobs. We’ve got movies like Office Space, Fight Club, and American Beauty that portray corporate absurdities and nonsense. Yet we also know people who love their jobs. So obviously not all jobs suck.

Jobs suck
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Does Your Job Suck?

I know a group of people. Some of them think their job sucks. Some think their job is great.

And they work in the same place.

Maybe you don’t like being told what to do. Maybe you don’t like what you’re being told to do.

Nobody wants to hear this part, but here it is. It’s what I do.

It’s all about your…


If you keep telling yourself your job sucks, it will suck. If you keep telling yourself it’s great, it will probably be great. Reality might bring you back from either, but your attitude will be one of the biggest determinates of whether or not your job sucks.

I’ve been there. I used to have an attitude bad enough to make all jobs suck.

Just don’t be the person complaining all the time. Not because of your coworkers. Not because of management.


I’m saving that for the end. For now…

What Will They Think?

Maybe you should care if management hears you complaining about your job. It depends on how much you want to keep it. Complaining about your job could put it in jeopardy.We can’t blame them for not wanting a bad attitude spoiling the rest of the bunch. They just might show your bad attitude the door.

If you don’t care about keeping your job, though, who cares what management thinks?

Your coworkers will probably just agree with you when you complain about work. At least when you’re around. They may disagree with you when you’re not around and just talk about how tired they are of listening to you complain all the time.

Do you want to be the person everyone calls a complainer? Do you want people complaining about your complaining? No!

Sowing the Seeds

That’s one of the things about a corporate job. Most people will try to avoid the confrontation, so they’ll agree with you—or you’ll agree with them—and complain about the job.

Whether or not anyone agrees or disagrees, most will participate in the complaining. It’s what everybody else is doing and fitting in is easier than confrontation.

Fitting in is more comfortable than standing out.

Negativity will creep in. It will plant a seed. A weed seed. And we know weeds are sneaky. Then when the complainer isn’t around, the people with good attitudes will complain about the complainer constantly complaining.

More negativity creeps in.

You become that person, the one everyone avoids.

Your job sucks, though. You’re not going to be there long, so who cares what the think?

Let’s Just Not Be The Complainer

(I have to admit that I write that with immense hypocrisy.)

Let’s avoid being the complainer. We don’t want to be the one who brings everyone down, even management (they’re people too).

There are plenty of other people to bring everyone down.

We especially don’t want to be the one constantly bringing ourselves down.

There are plenty of other people to do that too.

And That’s the Reason

That complaining might get you fired, and it might get you isolated from the flock in that job you’ll soon leave because it sucks. However, the main reason you shouldn’t be the person complaining all the time is that:

Constant complaining is draining.

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Complaining isn’t venting.

It can feel like complaining is venting, but it’s brewing negativity.

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It can feel like complaints are rallying calls and flocking the birds of a feather together, but it’s divisive and you’ll end up the ugly duckling that isn’t a baby swan.

Aren’t we full of foul metaphors?

My kid just finished a “Honk Jr.” production, so yes.

That’s why we don’t want to be the person complaining all the time.

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If Your Job Sucks

The first thing you can do is try my 7 Days to Crushing Job Misery email course.

If your job sucks, let it suck. Don’t suck with it. One of the oddest things you’ve written. Don’t waste all your time and energy complaining about it, bringing yourself and everyone else down, planting all those weeds of negativity.

“If your job sucks, don’t suck with it.”

Some jobs suck.

If your job sucks, don’t just live with it.

“If your job sucks, don’t just live with it.”

That’s what most are going to do. They’re going to just live with it, getting more miserable and constantly complaining. Making themselves more miserable.

Vicious Circles

A vicious circle. I had to type it again for the link.

They still think the pain they’ll suffer changing is worse than the pain they suffer now.

“What’s worse? The #pain of #change or the pain you’re suffering now?”

Stop the vicious circle and start a virtuous circle by stopping the complaining.

Then do what you have to do to change jobs or careers.

Not All Jobs Suck

Many don’t. There are great jobs out there. I have friends who have them. I work with people who have them.

Many leaders care about the people and invest in employees as company assets instead of trying to manage, streamline and trim them like expenses.

Find a company that doesn’t suck. Start your own company if you have to.

Maybe It’s Not That Easy

I realize that not everyone thinks it’s easy to find a new job. I’ve heard that for years.

Here are reasons people have given me the past couple years for thinking they can’t find a new job:

  • I’m too old
  • I’m female
  • I don’t have a bachelors degree
  • I don’t have a masters degree
  • I’m not white
  • I’m white
  • I don’t have experience
  • My experience is no longer relevant
  • I don’t know these new programs
  • I’ve been here too long
  • I haven’t been here long enough

Someone has told me each one of those.

I have a friend who right now can’t keep up with calls for positions companies need to fill, and this one person has told me six of those reasons!

I’ve said a few of them myself. I know it seems hard, but get started on it now.

In the meantime, if your corporate job is draining your sanity, energy and purpose, check out my Corporate World Survival email course.

What reasons do you hear for people hating their job?

What reasons do you hear for why people can’t\won’t change jobs?

Please share in the comments below.

In case you’re wondering, that’s 21 sucks. 22.





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