Painting and Purging. And Painting. And Purging

I think I’ve mentioned painting and working on our house a few times. “What’s up with that,” you ask? I’m glad you asked. It will give you a break from our particular brand of digestion.

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Because of my wife’s arthritic knees, stairs have become an enemy. We need to move to a smaller, one-story dwelling. To do that, we either need to sell or rent our current home.

My friend Amanda, who may be the best Real Estate Broker in Texas, has a saying: It’s just not where you live; it’s how you live.” We have a nice house in a nice neighborhood. It just doesn’t suit how we live.

Living in a home that suits how you live can go a long way towards happiness. So for that reason also I think we would benefit from moving.


To move, we need to do some preparation. We need to clean, paint, pack a little, and since we will be moving into a smaller place, we need to purge.

Since we have to clear out a room to paint it, we’re purging, packing, cleaning and painting all at once.

Painting and Purging

We pick a room. We clear it out. We move out the furniture and take down everything on the walls. As we do this, we throw lots of things away and put some things in the garage to sell. Incidentally, we have a community garage sale this weekend. Then we clean the walls and baseboards. We strip the caulking and re-caulk. Then we paint. After we paint, we move furniture back in and start putting things back up on the walls, again picking out things to either throw away, sell or donate.

This has been really tough. We feel like we’ve purged ’til we can purge no more, but we still have too much “stuff”–for lack of a better, dirtier word–to move into a smaller place. We are really having to purge and think twice and three times about how important each item is to us.

Does your painting story have a point, you ask? I’m glad you asked. There is a point.

Waaaaait for iiiiiiiiiiit


As we finish each room though, we are glad we did. The cleanliness and the lack of clutter are peaceful and relaxing. At least it has been in the three rooms we’ve finished so far.

I think this is a good exercise, purging the excess. Lightening the load.

That’s the story with the house. I reckon I’ll also share this adventure with you. It has been hard work, especially for my poor wife, but it is very rewarding. Finishing individual tasks, seeing the improvement, the feelings of accomplishment. Small deposits towards Happiness that all add up and compound.

I think I’ve got some new ideas beginning to brew here. Stay tuned.

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