Podcasts Shayne Currently Loves, Part 1

How can anyone not love podcasts? They teach. They entertain. They make excellent use of time during long commutes.  This is the current list of podcasts I enjoy. I have several more interesting ones queued to check out soon, but this is the current list.

  1. Freakonomics

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    Freakonomics Radio

    Freakonomics has been my favorite for several years, ever since my friend Darren told me about the book.

  2. The Accidental Creative

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    The Accidental Creative Podcast

    The Accidental Creative was the first podcast I ever listened to or subscribed to. It is still one of my favorites.

  3. This is Your Life

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    This Is Your Life Podcast with Michael Hyatt

    I discovered “This is Your Life” while listening to “The Portfolio Life.” My daughter also loves listening to it. There is just something comforting and trusting about Michael Hyatt’s voice. I could listen to him all day.

  4. The Portfolio Life

    Click for The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins
    The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins

    I have no recollection of how I discovered Jeff Goins, but I immediately binge-listened to every episode.  “The Portfolio Life” is a must for writers and bloggers. And fun.

  5. Grammar Girl

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    Grammar Girl Podcast

    Grammar Girl. Who hasn’t heard of grammar girl? Since I work in corporate cube land, I have to witness daily the atrocities committed against language. I just feel better knowing Mignon is out there, and I love her voice.

  6. Ask Pat

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    Ask Pat Podcast

    Ask Pat has nice, short episodes, so I subscribed to him. I love the succinct, daily format, and the information he shares is great. The amount of information he squeezes into each episode makes “Ask Pat” a can’t-miss. His sincerity and vulnerability make him seem like you’re driving with a friend while he answers your questions.

  7. Question of The Day

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    Question of the Day Podast

    Being a huge fan of Levitt and of Dubner, I tried Question of The Day. Altucher is also funny, insightful and entertaining. I might even say, “genius.” Plus, I prefer the short ones. Episodes, that is.

That is my current list. I strongly encourage you to check them out as well. I have several more to which I’ve subscribed, but haven’t worked into the normal rotation.

I just realized there are no podcasts specifically about Happiness on my list. “This is Your Life” and “Portfolio Life” offer a lot of discussion in the Happiness department.

I searched for podcasts about blogging. I found several, a few will definitely be on Part 2.

I have this weird Obsessive-Compulsive thing that compels me to listen to each and every episode, newest to oldest. It’s easier to do that when I keep the number low.  If I’m binge-listening to them, they’ve got to be good, right!?

I’ll work in the other podcasts after I’ve caught up on “This Is Your Life” and “The Portfolio Life.” I’ll cover those on Part 2, Assuming there will be a part 2. Assume.

What podcasts do you subscribe to? Let’s discuss that in the comments. I’d also like to know what you think of my list.

No go listen to Podcasts in peace.

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