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Quality Time and The Quality of Time

We spend our time chasing money.  We pass time to trying to pass time.  We spend time chasing happiness.  We spend time trying to arrange our lives so that we have more free time. Even though we don’t always follow through with the work, we search for ways to extend our time. Although we can hope to extend the time we have, and try to create more quality time and free time, the best we can do is improve the quality of the time we have.

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What is Life?

Our friend’s kid posted a picture on Facebook and checked into some place in Thailand a few years ago.  She mentioned gratitude for the events of her past few months and signed off with the question, What is Life?

James Taylor sang, “the secret of life is enjoying the passage of time.”

Well, isn’t that zen? Being able to appreciate the passage of time, regardless of the quality of that time, would be great! But sometimes life really sucks. How do you enjoy the passage of those times? How do you measure or control the quality of time?

The Passage of Time

I have to admit that I’ve learned that being present helps. Mourning and fretting whatever bad thing is happening during one of those times only draws attention to what is bad about that time.

Realizing that a bad time is just a passage of time helps it seem less permanent.

The time is passing. It’s not permanent. It will eventually be a different, better time. Or maybe a worse time. Instead of wishing things were different, instead of wishing you were somewhere or something else…

Find the lesson. Rebuild. Regrow.

Like when our muscles get sore. Keep moving and keep stretching.

Some things are permanent, but the passage of time will soften the impact.  

Quality of Time

Time scares the shit out of me these days. I’m 47.  How much time could I possibly have left?  By my calculations, I’m down to maybe 77 or 78 years.  Crap.  I just a had birthday a few weeks ago.  I’m 48.  

You also just said shit and crap in one paragraph.

We can influence the quality of time by how we spend it. A great way to do that is doing something that makes memories.

Time Well Wasted

I love that Brad Paisley song. He’s not earning money or fixing anything or making any progress in anything. He’s just enjoying the passage of time, quality time. He “soaked up every minute of the memory we were making.” 

Is he enjoying the time because it’s quality time, or is it quality time because he’s enjoying it?

(That would be a great discussion!  Please comment below.)

Paisley mentions being in a hurry and running down To Do lists. We have to balance. We have to spend some time working on progress, on something to have later.

We also need to spend some time on now, making memories, because we’re really going to want some of those later too.


I prefer to use the word invest more than spend.  My biggest goal here at Independently Happy is to help you invest time well while learning how to invest it better myself. I’ve wasted enough time to know lots of things you shouldn’t do….

        Things you should stop doing. (more on that later)

I’ve learned to recycle–if you will–the time I’ve previously wasted.  Much like some sort of abstract artist, I’ve rummaged around the landfills of time and found as many as I could of those hours, days and years I previously thought wasted.  I’m now trying to repurpose them into works that will hopefully offer some value to you.  One might say I’m making lemonade out of lemons.  

I’m digging through a compost pile though.  Those lemons I find–the ones life has been handing me–they’re old, moldy and smell disgusting.  Whatever it is I’m making, we might assume it’s going be hard to take, but it’ll be more like kimchi.  Like Mary Poppins–whom I’m fortunate enough to have met, by the way–I’ll do my best to offer spoonfuls of sugar to help it go down.

Looking back at years of doing things I shouldn’t have, I’ve got a few things to share along our way. We’ll have the things I’ve done right, the things I’ve done wrong, and what I’ve learned from both.

We all do.

We’ve got the things we did right, the things we did wrong and what we’ve learned from both.

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