Now is The Second Best Time to Start

When I was writing The Best Way to Grow is Imagine, Plan, Prepare and Act it occurred to me during the Act part that now isn’t the best time to start.  The best time to start would have been 2004, or maybe last year.  I Googled this thought, and it turns out it was already a thing.  I probably already knew that because I think I’ve heard “the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago” line.  Although now is far better than next year or even next week, now is the second best time to start.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.”

What’s the second best time to start?

Let’s see.  We missed yesterday.

We missed last year and last week, so now we have to start at the second best time.

The second best time to start is right now.

The third, fourth and fifth best time to start is right now.

I’m editing this post on Fat Tuesday and scheduled it for March 1.

If we’d started cutting out junk food February 1st, just think how much better we’d feel and look. Speaking of waiting, I started writing it back in June. It was waiting, it was steeping.

If we start cutting out junk food today, that’s how much better we’ll look and feel on April 1st.  If we don’t start today, then we’ll be having this same discussion and these same regrets on April 1st.

If we’d started February 1st, we’d be pretty much beach-ready April 1st.  Starting today, we’ll still be ready for a beach trip when school lets out for the summer.

Starting next month, we’ll be cutting it close.

While now isn’t quite as good as last month, it’s way better than next month.  Now is the second best time to start.

When is the second worst time to start?


The second worst time to start is later.  Later may never happen, then you will never start.   Next month, you’ll be worse than you are now if you don’t start now.

We’ve already put it off three months, assuming we changed our mind about a New Years Resolution.  (Speaking of New Years Resolutions, check Three New Years Resolutions to Ensure a Successful Year.  They’re so good, I linked to them twice!  Three times.)

The progress we don’t have now and that’s causing that pang of regret for not starting last month, it’s going to be a little worse if we wait for the second worst time to start.

The regret will only be worse next month.

Later all too easily and too often leads to the worst time to start.

When is the worst time to start?

Never is the worst time to start.

Yet, never is when we usually start.

Later can eventually become never.

When later gets here there won’t be fewer reasons to wait.  There will most likely be more reasons to wait.  As our number of reasons grows, waiting gets easier and easier and eventually becomes never.

Later always becomes never.

Head never off at the pass.   Now is the pass.  The pass is now.

Cut off never now!

I love sentences that don’t make sense out of context.  It may not make sense in context. 

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Start now, before later becomes never.

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[share-quote author=”Shayne Seymour” via=”IndyHayHay”] Start now, before later becomes never. [/share-quote]

Now is the second best time to start.

Please comment and tell us what you are starting and when you are starting.  Hint:  the answer is now.

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