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We all enjoy finding ways to improve the quality of our time. One area in which we can invest time better is shopping. I think the best way to do that is to spend as little time as possible shopping and invest that time in higher quality activities. Today, I won’t tell you how to invest that time. I do that plenty in other posts. Today, I present access to a resource to simplify shopping, my Kindle book Shopping Made Easy.

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In Do That That Thing That You Want to Do Now, I focused on the downside of automation, but…

Automation Can Also Be Our Friend!

Automation’s original purpose was to free us from boring, repetitive tasks that we’d rather not do. Like shopping.

I really want one of those smart door locks or garage door openers that will open for me when I arrive home. That would be sweet! But that would cost a few hundred dollars and only save me a few seconds.

Here is something to save you significantly more time at a much lower price!

Here is an easy way to simplify shopping.

I’ve enjoyed the time and money I’ve saved with Amazon Subscribe & Save so much, that I wanted to share that with everyone.

It hasn’t completely eliminated our need to visit grocery stores. There are a few items not yet available. But there is one store in particular that I try to avoid completely. Going there once every couple months instead of once per week is a luxury for which I would gladly pay!

Reducing visits to that store and saving money….well that’s something I just have to share with you!

For the price of a lunch–which you could enjoy instead of shopping–you can purchase Shopping Made Easy: How to Save Time, Money and Your Car Using Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program.

I am pleased to disclose that all the links on this page are affiliate links.  That’s right!  I get a small commission on the sales of my own book.  How cool is that!

If you have any questions about the book or just want to tell me how awesome it is, please leave a comment below.  I check comments constantly.

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