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How Gratitude Boosts Your Power

Complaining is draining. Gratitude is power. When we focus on gratitude for what we have instead of dwelling on what we lack, we open and awaken our minds. Gratitude boosts your power, just like you had a soul gem.

gratitude boosts your power

The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Happiness Infinity Gauntlet. Keep an eye out for posts placed throughout the blogiverse in which my most pure and powerful friend will protect the various Infinity Gems from the mad Titan Thanos.

Gratitude focuses our action towards abundance, so we work to explore, build and give.

In contrast, complaining directs us to scarcity, causing us to dwell, tear down and take? Where gratitude gives direction to our action, thus velocity towards what we want, complaining confines us to inaction and stagnation. All those differences are a direct result of where we focus our attention.

Gratitude is a Huge Part of Spirituality

Gratitude in Christianity

Here’s a verse from the Bible.


“Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.”

1 Thess 5:16-18

Gratitude in Judaism

One from the daily Jewish Amidah:


“We will give thanks to You and recount Your praise, evening, morning and noon…”

– from The Amidah

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Gratitude in Islam

From the Quran:


“My Lord, enable me to be grateful for Your favor which You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents and to do righteousness of which You approve. And admit me by Your mercy into [the ranks of] Your righteous servants.”

(Quran 27:19)

Gratitude in Buddhism

And from Buddha

soul gem gratitude

“You have no cause for anything but gratitude and joy.”


Although, from what I read on the Internet, that might not be a legitimate Buddha quote. I did research it, and I think it’s pretty close.

If I left out anyone, please leave a comment below with a verse about gratitude.

They Agree That Gratitude Boosts Your Power

Even back before Pinterest, the organized religions understood the power of gratitude.

Thanksgiving Day

Yes, it’s an official holiday. It’s coming up, so I need to post about it.

gratitude boosts your power

The original Thanksgiving feast in 1621. Half the people who originally arrived on the Mayflower had died from the journeys and harsh conditions.

Even after losing half their family and friends, they decided to celebrate and give thanks for a successful harvest that November. They even invited their new neighbors. (Let’s not go into the details here of how said neighbors were later treated.)

They new then–way before memes on Instagram–that gratitude boosts your power.  They understood the power of being thankful for what they had rather than dwelling on what they had lost.

Expectations and Reality

The closer our reality gets to our expectations (or exceeds it), the happier we are. Everything being as it is, we can determine our level of happiness with our focus.

Focusing on what we have, on what we can be thankful for, improves our reality compared to our expectations.

Focusing on what we don’t have renders our reality less ideal.

Reality isn’t really real. We affect it. Focus shapes reality.

Gratitude is a Great Mindfulness Practice

Write a Thankful list. Meditate on writing the list. I remember one time in school, I got in trouble for fighting. It was in the 70s when parents didn’t care if their kids got hurt. And I was just defending myself. I’m certain of that. I had to write on the chalkboard 100 times, “I will not fight at school.”

It worked! After writing those lines that day, I only ever fought after school.

gratitude boosts your power

Write Thankful lines. That’ll keep you in the moment and keep you grateful.

Use it as a meditation practice. Pick one to three items you’re thankful for. Sit quietly and repeat them several times.

It’s not brainwashing or hypnosis. It’s just practicing controlling your thoughts.

Mindfulness helps you avoid reactivity. You can respond better to challenges instead of reacting poorly, giving you the power to make better decisions.

By helping you remain mindful and responsive instead of reactive, gratitude boosts your power.


Be thankful for what you have, for the abundance of your blessings. That sounds like a Bible verse. If you’re able to read this post, then you’re one of the wealthier people in the world.

If we have all this to be thankful for, imagine what else we could create.

Or we could focus on what we don’t have and how hard or impossible it is to get what we want out of life.

Neither of those options is more real than the other, gratitude or complaining, abundance or scarcity.  It’s our focus that gives or drains our power and happiness.

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Let’s Practice Now

Use the comments below. Tell us three things for which you’re thankful.







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