89 Funtastic Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

Looking for something better than football and politics to serve with your feast? Delight your guests with these Thanksgiving trivia questions!

Why do family members insist on complaining about politics or bugging you in the kitchen when they know how annoying it is?

You know there has to be a better way to pass the time (and keep people out of your kitchen) in those hours between the guests who arrive early and when the turkey is ready?

Why You’ll Be Grateful for These Thanksgiving Trivia Questions

Avoid listening to your annoying Uncle Bob enlighten you on how the [insert political party here] are ruining the country by challenging your holiday guests with a few fun Thanksgiving trivia questions!

If conversation at your Thanksgiving dinner table becomes awkward, break out this list and delight your guests with a few questions! Boom! Bob’s your uncle. Trivia is a better way to distract from politics than liquor. That last thing you want is for Uncle Bob to get lit.

14 Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie Trivia

Most people think of pumpkin pie when they think of the holidays. I prefer pecan pie, but that’s just me. Or is it just me? Here are a few quiz questions about Fall’s favorite fruit. I mean vegetable.  Or do I?

Where are pumpkins native?

North America.

In what family of vegetables is pumpkin classified?


Is the pumpkin vegetable or fruit?

Fruit. (Yes, squash are technically fruit.)[8]

What is the plural of squash?

Squash or squashes.

If you’re talking about more than one of the same type of squash, the plural is squashes. If you’re talking about the various types of squash, the plural is squash.

On how many continents do pumpkins grow?

Six. Pumpkins grow on every continent except Antarctica.

About how many pumpkin pies are consumed every Thanksgiving?

About 50 million.

According to the Guinness book of world records, what is the weight of the heaviest pumpkin in history?

2,624.6 pounds/1,190.49 kg.

How many seeds does a pumpkin have?

There are about 5000 seeds in each pumpkin on average.

In what century were the first pumpkin pies as we know them made?

The 17th century (the 1600s).

What were pumpkins originally called in England?

Pumpions. (Are you hearing Queen now?  “We are the pumpions, my friend!” [1]

Where were the first pumpkin pies made?

England. [1]

How were the first pumpkin pies made?

They hollowed out the pumpkin, filled the shell with milk and spices, and honey, then baked it.

When and where were the first pumpkins cultivated?

Circa 5500 B.C. in Central America.[1]

What town in New England postponed its Thanksgiving in 1705 because of a lack of pumpkin pies?

Colchester, Connecticut.

19 Thanksgiving History Trivia Questions

Other than the instance shopping day that follows for some, Thanksgiving traditions haven’t changed much over the past few hundred years. Our founding fathers even argued over whether or not to have the holiday! As you can see, other than deep-fried turkeys and Zoom dinners, not much has changed.

Why suffer through someone’s political opinions when everyone can enjoy these quiz questions about Thanksgiving history?

What was the name of the ship that brought the first settlers to America in 1620?


From what English port did those first settlers sail?

Plymouth, England.

What did these Protestant Separatists who came to the new world for religious freedoms call themselves?


What do we call the settlers who came to the new world to establish their new church?


What year was the first Thanksgiving feast?


How long did the first Thanksgiving celebration last?

3 Days.

The Native Americans brought what meat to the first Thanksgiving feast?

5 deer. [3]

Which Native American tribe joined the settlers for the first Thanksgiving?

The Wampanoag

What seafood dishes were served at the first Thanksgiving feast?

Bass, lobster, clams, oysters, and maybe even eel.

What state first adopted Thanksgiving as an annual holiday?

New York.

Who was the first President to proclaim a national day of Thanksgiving?

George Washington on October 3, 1789. [5]

Which President refused to celebrate Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

Thomas Jefferson[2]

Even though it gave Federalists the opportunity to call him an atheist, Thomas Jefferson opposed declaring Thanksgiving a national holiday. He wrote in a letter then he was not opposed to Thanksgiving. Rather, since he considered Thanksgiving to be a religious holiday, he opposed the “mixing of church and state and also opposed government declarations in general.

Which President made Thanksgiving a permanent national holiday?

President Abraham Lincoln

Sarah Josepha Hale used her creative writing to help the campaign to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. What is her most favorite song/poem?

Mary Had a Little Lamb.

What animal did President Calvin Coolidge receive as a Thanksgiving gift in 1926?

A raccoon.

When was the first Thanksgiving football game?

The first NFL Thanksgiving Day game was in 1934.

What NFL team hosted the first Thanksgiving Day football game?

Detroit Lions.

Who played in the NFL’s first Thanksgiving Day game?

The Detroit Lions and the Chicago Bears.

Who won the first Thanksgiving Day NFL game?

The Chicago Bears defeated the Detroit Lions 19 – 16.

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues.”

– Cicero

10 Interesting Thanksgiving Facts

The answers to these Thanksgiving trivia questions are probably not going to be what you expect. That’s why they’re interesting!

On what day does the Thanksgiving holiday occur each year?

The fourth Thursday of each November.

It was originally the last Thursday in November. When Thanksgiving fell on the last day of the month in 1939, it shortened the shopping season for the following Christmas. Concerned that this would stall economic recovery, FDR suggested that Thanksgiving be moved to the fourth Thursday.

Not every state complied, so for a few years, 32 states celebrated Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday while the other 16 states celebrated on the last Thursday.

What countries observe Thanksgiving as a national holiday?

Canada, Grenada, Liberia, Saint Lucia, United States

On what day does Canadian Thanksgiving occur?

The second Monday in October.

What holiday occurs on the day after Thanksgiving (Not black Friday)?

Native American Heritage Day.

What was the first country to place importance on the wishbone?


Who began the tradition of breaking the wishbone?

The Romans.

What is the busiest day of the year for plumbers?

The day after Thanksgiving.

(In other news, don’t pour cooking oil down your sink.)

What famous Christmas song was written to be a Thanksgiving song?

Jingle Bells.

What is the most popular Thanksgiving Day destination in the United States?

Orlando, Florida.

The second most popular destination is Anaheim, California. Two things. Firstly, it will be interesting to see how the pandemic of 2020 and 2021 affects this. Secondly, plan and book your Disney vacations with a Disney expert!

What is the most popular alcoholic drink for Thanksgiving dinner?

Red wine.

Thanksgiving Movie Trivia

In what year did A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving originally air? (Bonus points for the exact date!)

November 20, 1973.

What did Snoopy serve for Thanksgiving dinner on A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?

Buttered toast, jellybeans, pretzel sticks, and popcorn.

What did they have for dessert in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?

Ice cream sundaes.

Which character complained about Snoopy’s Thanksgiving feast, saying they should have had a “real Thanksgiving dinner?”

Peppermint Patty. (She’s that relative.

Who leads the prayer at Thanksgiving dinner in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?


What is Linus’ full name?

Linus Van Pelt.

Who “wins” the wishbone in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving?


In the 2013 animated comedy film Freebirds, what did the settlers have for Thanksgiving after the turkeys were saved?

Cheese pizza.

What does John Candy’s character sell in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles?

Shower curtain rings.

What Star Trek: Voyager actor was fired from Planes, Trains, and Automobiles because they couldn’t stop laughing at Steve Martin and John Candy?

Jeri Ryan.

Turkey Trivia Questions

What says Thanksgiving more than pumpkin pie?  Turkey.

False. Everyone knows that turkeys say, “Gobble gobble.” Or do they? Find out with these turkey-related thanksgiving trivia questions!

What is the land (running) speed of frightened wild turkeys?

As fast as 25 miles per hour! [4]

Where do wild turkeys sleep?

In trees.

What is a group of domesticated turkeys called?

A rafter.

What is a group of wild turkeys called?

A gang or a flock.

What are female turkeys called?

Mature female turkeys are called hens. A yearling female turkey is called a Jenny.

What is a baby turkey called?


What is a male turkey called?

Tom. (It’s called a Tom. Its name isn’t Tom. Maybe you’re thinking of the tank engine?)

What sound do female turkeys make?

Although they mostly yelp, they can make a few other noises. You can listen to all the sounds turkeys make. [5]

What is the weight of the Guinness book of world records’ heaviest turkey?

Tyson the turkey from Peterborough, the United Kingdom weighed in at 86 pounds on December 12, 1989.

Benjamin Franklin preferred turkeys over what bird?

Bald eagles.

What state raises the most turkeys?


Thanksgiving Food Trivia

Enjoy these interesting facts and the food on your Thanksgiving table.

At what temperature do you know that your turkey is “done” and safe to eat?

165 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a meat thermometer!

How long is it safe to leave food out at room temperature?

2 hours.

When was green bean casserole introduced to Thanksgiving dinners?


The person who invented green bean casserole worked for what company?

Campbell Soup Company. The inventor’s name was Dorcas Reilly.

Which state grows the most sweet potatoes?

North Carolina. In fact, it grows more than the entire rest of the U.S.

Which popular Thanksgiving meal side has fewer calories, yams or sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes offer fewer calories in each serving.

*What’s important, though is that sweet potatoes are higher in Vitamin C and beta carotene. Raw yams have more potassium and manganese. So both offer valuable nutrients, and neither are healthy when covered with brown sugar and marshmallows.

Where are cranberries indigenous?

North America, mostly in the north (Wisconson) to the northeastern (Maine) United States.

In the United States, what kind of pie is most preferred?

Apple pie.

Is a sweet potato really an orange potato?

No. Sweet potatoes are not potatoes. Potatoes are from nightshade plants. Sweet potatoes are morning glory plants.

What’s the difference between stuffing and dressing?

Stuffing is stuffed inside the turkey. Dressing is cooked separately. Also, the word dressing is typically used in the northern United States while dressing is typically used in the southern United States.

What is the most fattening Thanksgiving food?

Pecan pie.

Parade Trivia

I don’t watch parades very often. I’m usually the one hovering around your kitchen and sneaking tastes of food. I’m not the one talking about politics, though. It’s partially because I’m probably starving and partially because watching NFL football is boring.

Either way, I hope you find these Thanksgiving parade questions diverting.

What was the original name of the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What is the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade called now?

6abc Dunkin’ Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade.

What was the first year of the Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade?

November 25, 1920.

In what city was the first Gimbels Thanksgiving Day Parade?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

On what date was the first Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?

November 27, 1924.

On what date was the first America’s Thanksgiving Parade?

November 27, 1924.

In what city does America’s Thanksgiving Parade run?

Detroit Michigan.

When was the first televised Thanksgiving Day parade?

1946 was the first year that the Macy’s parade was televised. It was only broadcast in New York, though. NBC broadcasted the parade nationally in 1947.

How do the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and America’s Thanksgiving Parade end?

Santa Claus arrives!

What year did Macy’s parade place restrictions on parade balloons?


What two balloons went rogue during the 1997 Macy’s parade?

Barney the dinosaur and The Cat in the Hat.

False Thanksgiving Trivia

I’m a big fan of facts. When it comes to knowledge, especially what I stick in my mind or my body, I want the best information. During my journey of finding you the best questions for your Thanksgiving quiz, I ran into a few that were just flat-out wrong.

Here is a list of questions you might find somewhere else. They are incorrect.

Which US President wanted turkeys to be the national bird?

Benjamin Franklin.

First of all, B-Frank was never President. Secondly, although fond of turkeys Franklin never wanted the turkey to be the National bird of the United States. [7]

One might say that Franklin was likely the rock ‘n roll founding father. After all, Franklin’s Benjamin. Get it?  Been jammin’?  I know. If you have to explain it…

The pumpkin pie was first made in which country?


See the correct answer above and refer to [1] in the references. The first pumpkin pies were made in England.

What berries are native to North America?

Cranberries, blueberries, and Concord Grapes are the only three berries native to North America.
Many berries are native to North America. [8] Native American berries include persimmons, mayhaws, and elderberries.

What fruits and gourds are considered berries? That, my friend, is what we in the biz call a rabbit hole and is not quite associated with Thanksgiving enough for this post.

Who was the first President of the United States to pardon a turkey?

Harry Truman. John F. Kennedy was the first President to pardon a turkey.


What are your favorite thanksgiving trivia questions?

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