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Time is Better Than Money

I originally had some not-so-nice things to say about this phrase.  I can’t remember why.  Somebody at work probably said it indicating their time is valuable.  I decided to look it up.  The Quote Investigator confirmed that Benjamin Franklin is correctly attributed with Time is Money  Anyone can make more money if they work at it, but nobody can make more time.  With all due respect to Benjamin Franklin, time is better than money.

time better money

Time is Perishable

Money just wishes it was time.  Money is jealous because it’s not rare.  When money is gone, you can make more.  Also, when we spend money, it isn’t really gone.  You just give it to someone else.  Now that person can use it.

When we spend time it is gone.  It is the past.  It is a memory.  In a way, the only way to save time is to collect memories.  That time you spend chatting with a friend can either be a good memory of treasured time with a friend, or it can be time that you wasted by not making money.

And Time flies so fast,

so don’t wait.

Do that thing you want to do now.

Money Has Its Benefits

Money is awesome because you can trade it for cool stuff.  One time I traded money for butterbeer, and it was awesome! Then the person to whom you traded it can trade it for other cool stuff.

Most of the stuff we trade our money for will be gone.  We’ll eat it, drink it, break it, or just get tired of it and throw it away or donate it.

Treat them both with care.  You can use money to buy experiences, the memories of which will last forever.  Then later you can invest more time into quality time with the person with whom you lived the experience, and you can relive it.  We call that time well spent.

Side note: this article started out being called Time is Money is B.S.  I’ve since decided to tame my blog a tad.  Also, Ben Franklin.

Money is a Carrot

Employers think the biggest carrot they have to offer is more money.  I was giving two weeks’ notice for a job several years ago.  I told the manager I wanted to work from home and didn’t like the mandatory 60-hour work weeks.

She asked, “What if I get you a $10,000 pay increase?

That sounds like a big number, but she wanted 20 hours more from me every week for that 10 grand.  That works out to $10 per hour.

“I can make that mowing my neighbors’ lawns.  I don’t want more money.  I want more time.”

She just stood up and walked away.

See how much power time has?  She thought she held the cards because she had the money.

I found out she left that company about six more months later.  She couldn’t keep the kind of people she wanted in her group.   She could only recruit people who wanted more money, and those weren’t the best people for what she needed.

Second side note: Grammarly hated me using time and money without articles.

time better money

Money is Just Options

Money is just a way to buy more options of ways to spend our time.  If we learn to spend time wisely with fewer options, we make our time more valuable.  For example, we can spend time with our families and friends in our dining room.  We don’t have to all go to Fiji.  More money makes Fiji an option, but time with loved ones is precious no matter where it is.


Time is Better Than Money

We can buy more options, but we can’t be more time.  We can trade time for more money, but we can’t trade time for more time.

It’s simple math. -ish.

Spend money wisely.  Spend time preciously.

Where can you spend time more preciously?

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  1. You can trade time for money and get paid once as we do as employees. But a better way is to exchange value for money as an entrepreneur, get pay many times over, and use this passive impact to buy time with those you love.

    1. Shayne

      Great point, Michael! Thank you. I didn’t consider that way to spend time more preciously. I mean, I consider that all the time. :) I just didn’t consider it for this post.

  2. Nicole Fassnacht Akers

    I hate registering for Disqus. I understand its benefits, and it is just as bothersome as it is useful. Your piece is so tongue in cheek and fun. I smile and laugh the whole way through reading it. Appreciate your perspective.

    1. Shayne

      Thank you, Nicole! I appreciate you too. I’ve added Facebook comments to a few posts, but it doesn’t alert me to comments. I’m going to try the plugin next!

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