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Writing about Procrastination is fun! In my case, it is usually a fun way to procrastinate writing about something harder. Since part of my plan here at the IH is to show you just how much alike we are, I to like confess my not-having-it-all-togetherness. Looking through some old files, I found this gem. Since my last Bonus Post went over so well, I thought I’d share this one too. It’s from January of 2015 when we were living in the awesome apartment.  I knew then I needed to get something started, but had no urgency. I hope you find it diverting.

[special]Speaking of “diverting,” please enjoy one of my favorite scenes from one of my favorite movies.[/special]

Today I’m Up Early to Write

I didn’t procrastinate right away. Nobody procrastinates at 4:45am!

Okay, yes, I did procrastinate. First, I decided to not get up. I turned off Sleep Cycle and set the alarm for 6:00.

Then I talked myself out of sleeping another hour and got on up.

I thought I talked myself out of sleeping in because I thought I saw 100% sleep quality for the night on Sleep Cycle. After a getting up and having a second look, I saw that it was 60%.  I wanted to hit at least 75% per night. At least got up!

So after all the drinking of water, reading of Twitter, arranging of furniture and computer, I finally powered up the laptop at 5:15 and started writing at 5:20. I’m going to have to pay attention to what I do with that time. That’s a half hour. I’m sure it’s just easier to lose time at 5:00 in the morning.

I Was Good Last Night

I plugged in my laptop to make sure it had battery this morning. Unfortunately, I did not plan on what to write about. So here I am writing about writing at 5:33 in the morning.

Maybe that’s why I was on Twitter. I was looking for inspiration!

Maybe if I wrote at Starbucks I’d be in a big hurry to get there and would start sooner? By the time I got there and got my coffee though, it would waste just as much time.

[special]Note: I did find out about 16 months later that getting up early and writing at Starbucks was very productive for me. [/special]

No wonder I have to get up so early.

Okay. Note to self: Start a document with topics. Or a note on my phone. Use that as my source so that I’m not trying to come with a topic while trying to write.

[special]Note: I started using iPhone notes to keep track of ideas a few months ago. I currently have a few months worth of ideas captured and ready for writing sessions. [/special]

I hope this is funny. Everything and nothing is funny at 5:37 in the morning.

I just thought of something for the TExistentialist site. I hope it’s not too offensive.  Or do i?

[special]Note: I hope you found it….diverting. TExistentialist is another blog I was thinking of launching, but decide to focus on this one. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.   [/special]

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