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What’s It All About?

I’ve been recently writing so many posts for my blog that I got off track, so I’m circling back to remind you–and remind me–of this blog’s purpose.  I intended Independently Happy to be about a guy–me–who wasn’t famous or rich.  I wanted this blog to be from about as regular guy as regular guy can be–at first–and provide you, dear readers, a chance to ride along down this pathway we in the biz like to call, “Life.”


Construction by Alex Kislow is licensed under CC BY 2.0

However, I’ve been so busy trying to harness the flood of ideas pouring from my mind that I have neglected to tell you where I am. At the moment, 7:02 this Memorial Day morning, I’m sitting in a Starbucks, writing this very blog post you are reading. At least I hope someone is reading it. This begs two questions:

Why are you at Starbucks and what are you up to these days?

I’m so relieved you asked!  I was hoping to write about it!

First, why am I at Starbucks?  I came to Starbucks to write.  Currently, the three of us are living in a one bedroom apartment, while waiting on a new home being built.  Three people and a dog in a one bedroom apartment is not an ideal work environment.  It is wonderful for ideas.  It’s great for not having much housework or any yard work to do.  With a few adjustments, I could be just as happy living in the 1BR as anywhere.  I can’t write there though.

Shayne, you may ask, why are you building a new home if you’re trying to transition out of corporate world?

I’m glad you asked that too!  I really wrestled with this decision. In the end, I wanted to have a more homey home.  I wanted to have a kitchen my wife can cook in.  She loves cooking, and I love eating.  My daughter loves helping her.  And eating.  Cooking brings them happiness and quality time, and we all eat better.

We took a risk on some colorful subway tiles for back-splash, with no other upgrades.  We put the samples together in the studio.  We used different combinations of iPhone and Galaxy S7 flashlights to see the sample combination in different lighting.   Most who build a new home and get to select the design try to recreate what they saw in the model home.  That is not our style.  We went for different, knowing it could end up hideous when finished.  We filed it as New World Problems and went with it.   We’ve walked the house several times, and our gamble paid off.  It looks great!

I also wanted a place for connection.  You can’t really have too much company in a small apartment.  We have many friends and family to thank for many things, so we want to have them over for dinners and parties.  I want my daughter to have lots of play-dates–even though I’ve never liked that phrase–and sleep-overs.  With her bed currently in the dining nook, sleepovers tend to be awkwardish.  I wanted to give her and her friends plenty of room to play.

Plus, I’ll have a Studio!  Some like to call them offices, but there’s going to lots of music playing, podcast recording and video recording in that office, so it’s a studio.

We’ll now have extra space for guests.  I would love for my in-laws to visit us from Spain. When you’ve already got a bed in your dining/living room, you’re kinda out of accommodations.  I hope my family will spend more time with us, in spite of living in the hustle and bustle of “the city.”

I was hesitant to take on the payment, but this market here is crazy.   In a couple years, when my daughter’s play changes, and she doesn’t need two rooms worth of toys, we will very easily be able to sell the house and downsize.  Unless everything crashes again.

No, building a new home is not the best decision for a guy trying to escape Cube-atory (Cube Purgatory Word!), but I’m learning to dwell away from negative, to venture on into positive land.  Perhaps it’s a reaction to my job.  The new management is constantly pushing cost-cutting.  I don’t want to be the low cost leader of anything.  I want to be the part of what people want because it’s the best. I want to rise above the scarcity mindset and into the abundance mindset. As in I now need to make an abundance of money to pay my mortgage!  [smiley face].

So that’s the house thing.  Remember when we were painting and packing (purging) to sell ?   That was two houses ago.

Remember we were working towards getting our black belts in Taekwondo?  I remember that too.  “What happened,” you ask?  Well I’ll tell you.  Soon.

Construction by Alex Kislow is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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