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Life vs. Stuff (or The Problem of Too Much Stuff)

“They say, “You can’t take it with you,” but I’ve moved a few times recently, so I know: You HAVE to take it with you. The problem with too much stuff is…

Getting vs. Becoming

Not getting what we want is frustrating, and getting what we want doesn’t lead to happiness. Knowing the difference between getting vs becoming will more enrich your happiness. The Path to Getting What You Want Like so many things I do, this one drives me crazy. Remember when my kid and I were working towards […]

Surviving Change: Holding on to What’s Precious

Surviving change requires learning that we can’t control what happens. We should focus our efforts and work to preserve what is most precious. Although there are no guarantees that we can preserve everything that’s dear to us, we should learn to appreciate and hold on to what’s precious. Everything changes. Even back in 500BC, Heraclitus […]

3 Solid Reasons Pollyanna Syndrome is Toxic

We want to be positive and hopeful while remaining realistic. While being a Pollyanna is a healthy mindset, there are 3 why reasons Pollyanna Syndrome is toxic. Check out the post and let me know if you agree.

The Best Way to Guarantee Personal Growth

A famous book suggests that we can think and grow. Merely thinking will not get you far. Realistically, the best way to guarantee personal growth is to think, imagine, plan, prepare, act.

Why CoSchedule is The Best Social Media Scheduling Tool


After two years of waffling, I finally tried CoSechedule. Here is how I use it and why CoSchedule is the best social media scheduling tool. To highlight the contrast, the dramatic improvement that CoSchedule has made in my blogging and why it is the best social media scheduling tool, I detail my processes before I […]

3 Simple Reasons Why Optimism Is Not Enough


Optimism is overrated. Don’t get me wrong, it’s way better than pestimism (Word!), but it’s empty without action. Although it is vital for building happiness, optimism is not enough. Optimism Without Action is Empty Without action, optimism is just fluff. Unfortunately, it will eventually run out. We’ll stop falling for it. We need objective evidence, […]

5 Sneaky Mindfulness Triggers for Surviving Work

mindfulness triggers

Our days are full of stress triggers, so sneak in mindfulness triggers to help you practice calmness. Here are 5 sneaky mindfulness triggers for surviving the day. Does anything at work ever stress you? Work is the primary reason most of us meditate. And drink. How are you supposed to remember to focus on your […]

My Amazon Subscribe & Save Subscriptions

Amazon Subscribe & Save

Monthly shopping can be a pain. Although I enjoy grocery shopping and know that the exercise is good for me, I enjoy how easy Amazon Subscribe & Save makes shopping. How to Use Amazon Subscribe & Save Hello, my friend trying to create a better life! I finished my Kindle book Shopping Made Easy: How […]

How Habits Make Deposits Into Our Happiness

Do habits sound boring to you? Don’t let habits withdraw from your Happiness. Here is how to use habits to make deposits into our Happiness instead of our unhappiness. Happiness takes time, just like any significant progress takes time. Happiness is a combination of the progress we’ve made and the progress we’re making towards goals. […]