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How to Cure Your Pinky and Ring Finger Numb and Tingling

pinky and ring finger numb and tingling

A common ailment for those who spend significant time on computers is your pinky and ring finger numb and tingling. Whether you’re a travel agent, writer or IT professional, spending too much time on devices can lead to chronic discomfort. In this post, I’ll explain a likely cause of this discomfort and the best ways to remedy it.

Don’t Take Happiness Too Seriously

dont-take-happiness-seriously T

Taking happiness too seriously leads to chasing happiness, and chasing happiness can lead to bad habits. Bad habits lead to misery. Don’t take happiness too seriously. I take happiness seriously so you don’t have to. Don’t Chase Happiness I frequently mention small things that I sprinkle throughout my days to add novelty and diversion. They’re […]

Busywork and How to Survive It


Are you busy? Have you had a busy week? Do you have more to do than you’d like or that you can even handle? Why are we so busy and how can we cope with it? Who’s Busy? It seems that “I’ve just been so busy” is the new, “I’m doing well, how are you?” […]

Not All Jobs Suck

jobs suck

I know some do. Too many people talk about hating their jobs. I see friends posting on Facebook telling of outrageous absurdities that happen at their jobs. We’ve got movies like Office Space, Fight Club, and American Beauty that portray corporate absurdities and nonsense. Yet we also know people who love their jobs. So obviously […]

Look Beyond Imperfections

look beyond imperfections

Struggling with perfection is difficult. Bombarded with images of perfection, we feel inadequate when we don’t measure up. You could hire an airbrush artist to follow you around, or you could take Gerard Way’s advice and look beyond imperfections. Since we all love quotes (and since I’m curating hundreds of them for my Inspiring Happiness […]

My Best Medium Stories of 2019

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Exuberate These 3 Qualities to Be Happier!


Happiness isn’t something that can be achieved for its own sake. It’s a result of other attributes and actions. It can be frustrating trying to chase happiness only find it constantly just out of reach. Here are the best ways to exuberate happiness! What Does Exuberate Mean? I love finding powerful, new words. I recently […]

You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

rollerskate in a buffalo herd

Rollerskating and buffalos may not be the stuff dreams are made of. You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd “You can’t rollerskate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you’ve a mind to.” – Roger Miller   Roger Miller meant his song to be silly, but it has a deeper meaning for […]

Burst Into Song to Boost Happiness

Sometimes you just need a boost, something to boost your own mood and maybe others’ moods. A great way to boost your mood is to burst into song. Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash I often write about action, how just doing something–anything–can lift your spirits. You’ve probably heard someone recommend ten jumping jacks when […]

5 Powerful Benefits of Uncomfortability


Although seeking comfort seems ideal, embracing discomfort is key to creating happiness. This post takes a deep-dive into uncomfortability and the best reasons to boost yours. What is Uncomfortability I found a few different definitions of uncomfortability, none of which were in dictionaries. Not finding it in dictionaries would indicate that it isn’t technically a […]