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Job-hating is fun! Okay, so it’s miserable. Thankfully, many on the Internet have good humor about it and have been kind enough to offer us great laughs at the expense of our jobs with these hilarious work memes. Here are the funniest memes about hating your job!

hilarious work memes
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Remember When Mondays Were Bad?

Dreading Monday is a popular Sunday pastime. Turns out Monday isn’t the only bad day when you’re unhappy with you’re job.


That’s really no way to pass the time though. Do something intentional on Sundays. Monday will come whether or not you dread and worry about it, so you might as well enjoy your weekend!

Spend Sunday with someone so they can keep you distracted from where your mind wants to go.

When you hate your job, every day is a bad day. Don’t live every day like that. Check out 5 Sneaky Mindfulness Triggers for Surviving Work. That will help get you through the week.

Why So Serious?

The Hangdogs had a couple good songs about hating Jobs.

Check out I’m a Serious Guy, about a guy who takes work too seriously.

One of my favorite lines:

I ain’t got no time to chat, man. I ain’t got no time to stay.

Gotta work some more tonight just to catch up with yesterday.


Is it the Job or is it Work?


I can help with this one.

Humans do not hate work. Work makes us happy. Whether it is work you do on your own when you’re not at the job or if you’re lucky enough to have a job you love, work makes us happy.

Sometimes, when the work is hard, when we get frustrated or injured, it’s hard to believe then that work makes us happy.

The thought of being able to do nothing seems like it would be awesome! It can be. A good rest after a hard day at work–whether is work at a job, work at home, or a great workout–is very satisfying and contributes to happiness. Too much idle time, though, will not give you as much to feel good about accomplishing.

That’s why it is important to find a job you love. Or until you find a job you love, at least finding something about the job you like. It’s also why hobbies and time with loved ones is important.

Sun’s Out Puns Out

Get it? Soda pressing. So depressing.

Time Stands Still

It’s true how time seems to pass so slowly when you watch the clock during a work day.

But it seemed like hours.

Let the countdown begin!

Does Your Lunch Ever Get Interrupted With Work Talk?

“Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so.”

– Douglas Adams


Let’s Spin Up a Meeting About That

We won’t’ have time to get to the task we’re meeting about because we spend all day in meetings.

Maybe you could wear this to the meeting.

Johnny Cash New What it Was Like

How about another song? Remember Oney?


Finally A Day Off

Do you believe?


Little known secret: It’s not Monday’s fault.

Surely This Means Something

But the meaning can be hard to find.

The Most Interesting Job in the World


If your day is filled with busy work, it can seem like this.

Is it more rewarding or satisfying?

Even though you may have to look really hard, you’ll be happier if you can find some–any-purpose in your job. Otherwise…


Things are looking up?



Luckily for me, I’m one of the dim ones.


I’m so Tough and Dedicated I Never Use a Sick Day

I just cost everyone else sick time instead. Yay me!


Working for an evil super-villain isn’t much better.

Watch out for the WORK Virus!

Who’s in for Happy Hour?

I stopped going to happy hours, because of this. Complaining is draining.

Drinking really doesn’t make it better.


This one’s a little dark, but…

There’s also paying for the insurance to help pay for the prescriptions.

Just Sleep on It

Assuming you can get to sleep.

If your job does cause you insomnia be sure to check out The Best Cure for Insomnia Caused by Job Stress.

Hach Eee Double-Hockey Sticks

Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

George Carlin or Drew Carry?

My guess is that if they both said the same thing, then neither of them really said it.

Drew Carry has a pretty good idea.

Just Imagine This!

If you know of any good ones that I missed, please share some in the comments below!

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What If Honesty Could Be The Best Policy?


Time Standing Still With Cuss Words


Or replace it with “No problem!”

Any impediments?

Gonna head out a little early, if you don’t mind.


Now that we got the foul ones out of the way, I hope you got a good laugh.

I hope you don’t experience many of those yourself.

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